Race Rock Garden Co. Message re: COVID-19

Race Rock Garden Co.
Spring 2020 Retail Protocol

The Race Rock office is closed to the public.

The nursery and retail areas are open by appointment only.

Please email us at rrgarden@fishersisland.net to set up an appointment or place an order. We will contact you with availability and delivery options.

Wishing everyone safety and good health.

Delivery or Pick up by appointment.

Mon-Fri: 9:00-3:00
Sat & Sun: Closed

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April 1, 2020

As of Monday, April 6th Race Rock Garden Company will reopen on a very limited basis. We fully support the Federal, State and Local mandates regarding social distancing and self quarantines and will use the protocols presented by IHP on FishersIsland.net (last updated 3/28/20) to guide us. Only our 14 on island employees will be working. Each employee will be assigned a truck and will be riding solo to maintain appropriate social distance.

We will focus primarily on tasks that can be performed safely by one individual. In any instance where more than one person needs to be involved, we will adhere to strict social distancing guidelines that will include both physical distance between employees as well as segregation of all tools so that only one person will be in contact with any truck, piece of equipment, or hand tool.

The office itself will be manned intermittently but closed to the public and our retail operation will remain closed with the exception of cal- in orders. If you are a client of ours thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we navigate our busiest time of year with only 1/3 of our manpower and if for any reason you do not want us on your property please call or email.

Wishing everyone safety and good health.

You may reach us by phone (631) 788-7632, or by email at rrgarden@fishersisland.net

Be well and stay safe,

Race Rack Garden Co.

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