Fishers Island Yacht Club COVID-19 Response

Fishers Island Yacht Club
Covid-19 Response
Update No. 1 – Club Marina

April 23, 2020

1. All plans are tentative and all final decisions will be in compliance with New York State and federal regulations. Our first priority is the safety of our staff, members, and the Island community.

2. On Friday, April 17, 2020, the NYS Executive Order requiring the closure of all marinas for “recreational uses” was modified to permit marinas to open for “personal use as long as strict social distancing and sanitization protocols are followed.” The Yacht Club, however, is not yet in a position to open and will remain closed until further notice. Due to the Island community’s Covid-19 protocols, the Club’s marina docks and the marina electrical and plumbing facilities have not yet been inspected for safety. Winter storm damage must be repaired. Also, the Club’s sanitation facilities have not yet been commissioned.

3. Once the marina does open, it will do so on a limited basis. Transient boaters will not be accepted.  Only Club members and non-members who have contracts to use reserved slips for the season at the marina will be permitted to use the marina. We expect that these contract holders, all of whom are members of the Island community, will respect the Island’s safety protocols, including the completion of the IHP Covid-19 Census form if entering the Island by boat from the mainland. The Club’s Board of Governors will provide a further update on the marina in May.

4. The Club will be adding new video surveillance equipment to the marina to enhance our capabilities to ensure compliance with Club’s rules and the safety of the Island community.

5. The entrance to the Club’s property has been closed with yellow tape, and the Club’s bathrooms and ice-making machine are not functional or accessible. The Club will not open with staff on site until a date to be determined by the Board.

John B. Glendon

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