COVID-19 Update #3 from IHP for Fishers Island April 10, 2020

April 10, 2020

Dear All,

Thank you very much for adhering to the COVID-19 advice and protocols we have published by email and on  Our collective efforts are working.  Our emergency teams are trained and standing by, and we have adequate supplies.  The IHP commends those working hard at the ferry, fire department, store, post office, and other essential businesses to keep our island safe and running smoothly, and we thank the almost 70 motorists who showed support in the local car parade on Monday.

We have no new COVID-19 cases to report on Fishers Island this week.  The only two confirmed cases we’ve had are now recovering and off-Island.  The other two related “persons of interest” are completing their isolation today, April 10.  Two others (unrelated) have one week to go.   Of course, the situation could change tomorrow.  White House advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci has said, “Social distancing is working,” so we ask that you please do not let your guard down.  Keep up the quarantine protocols and social distancing to stop the spread of the virus.

Prior to the start of Easter weekend, we counted around 500+ people on the Island. If you are not already here but are considering coming to Fishers Island for Easter, this is your own decision, but you need to realize you do so at your own risk—and you may put others at risk, too. We ask that you do not call IHP or ICB to ask for individual logistical advice on what to do. Think carefully before coming (or leaving and returning) and read and follow our Updated Advice as faithfully as you can.

See our Updated Advice and FAQ (with latest changes in red) here:


One notable addition: we ask that you wear a mask (store-bought or homemade) at the following locations on Island: in the common areas of the ferry, at the freight office, inside the post office, at the Village Market or hardware store when picking up orders, and at gas stations. Wearing a mask is now recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now that it is clear that some asymptomatic people can carry the disease.

To date in the NY-NJ-CT Tri-State Area, around 220,000 people have been infected with COVID-19 and over 9000 people have died.  Although Lawrence & Memorial Hospital is luckily not overwhelmed at present, we expect cases to peak in CT over the next two-three weeks.  Our worst fear is that people on Fishers Island who are admitted to L&M may not have the ICU beds and ventilators when you most need them.  This is why you should exercise caution before coming here.

As Reverend Candy Whitman said at the ICB meeting this week, this is a marathon not a sprint. Please hang in there.  Stay vigilant.  Have empathy for one another.  We will get through this, together!






Dr. Chris Ingram
Physician in Residence, Fishers Island

Reachable this week at 631-942-9647  Updated to 917-903-3516

IHP COVID-19 Message #2 3APR20 IHP COVID-19 Message #1 28MAR20

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