Fishers Island’s US Coast Guard Station considered ”Redundant”

US Coast Guard station on Fishers Island at Silver Eel Cove. Photo Credit ARAhrens

April 9, 2021


Fight Over Infrastructure Proposal Begins

Boat Station Consolidation

The Coast Guard announced its decision to consolidate Boat Stations (small) Shark River, Salem, Roosevelt Inlet and Fishers Island to increase staffing and capacity levels at nearby boat stations better equipped to respond to calls.

All four were satellite locations for larger parent stations to operate from during a select time period and did not have permanently assigned crew, the Coast Guard said, adding the consolidation will improve training, operational proficiency, maintenance and sustainability for the boat forces community while maintaining a response posture in support of the public.

March 30, 2020

In a recent article in Washington Waves/WaterWays Journal, the Island’s Coast Guard Station at Silver Eel is listed as one of five east coast stations listed for consolidation.

This is the section in the February  article by Jim Meyers that involves our island:

Coast Guard Boat Stations
The Coast Guard is seeking comments on its planned consolidation of possibly five boat stations considered “redundant.”

“Many stations were established at a time when boats lacked engines and were powered by oars and paddles. With modern boat operating speeds and improved direction-finding technology, many calls for Coast Guard assistance can be responded to by multiple units significantly faster than when these boat stations were first established,” the Coast Guard stated in the Federal Register.

“We do not anticipate any adverse effect on Coast Guard response capability. We expect an improvement to the proficiency of boat operators as well as a less complicated response system.”

Stations Oxford, Md.; Fishers Island, N.Y.; Shark River, N.J.; Roosevelt Inlet, Pa.; and Salem, N.J. have been identified for consolidation with neighboring stations.”

Comments must be received by April 14.

The link in the button below will take you to the Federal Register with the Notice by the Coast Guard on 02/14/2020. Click the Comment bubble on the left to write and submit your thoughts.

CLICK HERE for Federal Register & to Post and Read Comments


For additional information, contact Todd Aikins, Office of Boat Forces (CG-731), Unites States Coast Guard at 202-372-2463

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