Fishers Island Utility Notice

March 11, 2020

Until further notice, all business with the Fishers Island Utility Company is to be conducted through the handicap access window in the Post Office.

Please call the Utility Company if you have any questions.



To: Fishers Island Utility Customers
From: John C. Finan, President

Dear Neighbors,

Affective immediately Fishers Island Utility Company is taking the following steps to ensure our essential employees and community will be as protected as possible against COVID -19 in the coming months.

  1. Employee have been instructed to practice social distancing.
    1. We will not be shaking hands
    2. We will keep 3 ft or more separation from the public during service calls
  2. Sanitary habits
    1. We will equip all vehicles with hand sanitizers and have requested our people use it regularly
  3. The main door to the utility will be locked during business hours.
    1. Utility office business will be conducted through walk up window located in U.S. Post office. Public areas will be sanitized on regular basis

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