A Love Letter, 102 years young

by Jane Ahrens

A letter was found, carefully tucked beside the west end’s chimney stack, on the 2nd floor of the ferry freight building as the crew went to work at the beginning of the new apartment project in July 2019. It is a bug eaten folded sheet of stationery with an envelope that has disintegrated except for the script handwriting of the word ‘Wright‘. The … below indicates where words are missing. There is no telling if there might have been an additional sheet of stationery that may have made up additional inserted pages.

Who were George and Madeline?

Norwich, Conn.

March 25, 1918

My dear George,

Your very welcome letter received. I’m awfully sorry you have a bad cold and I do hope it will soon be better.

I went to New York for Saturday and Sunday and had a splendid time.

Now I’ll be all “dolled up”

page 2

for Easter Sunday. Just … 5th Ave, & Broadway style … !

Gee, but the weather here has been fine lately.

Sixteen more Norwich boys go away Saturday, pretty soon there won’t be any left here. But then we’ll be waiting ’till they all come back.

… boys are that is the Norwich boys are planning a big

page 3

entertaining to be held here very soon I guess. I think it will be rather good.

I know I am different than other girls about going out, but it can’t be helped, although I’d like to be with you once in a while, but that kind of luck never seems to come my way.

Well George, I can’t think of much more just now so

page 4

will …with the best of luck to you and …

Yours sincerely, Madeline

Write when you can.

Will you accept these few stamps as a token to a soldier boy?

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