Training Rangers in 1st Aid at Save the Rhino Trust in Namibia

by Jane Ahrens
The location of the Kunene Region (red shaded area) in north-western Namibia. Map source:

Chris Dietrich and Dr. Chris Ingram are preparing for this upcoming 2 week trip, traveling February 7 to 22, to the Kunene region of Namibia in south western Africa.

They are headed to train rangers from Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) on emergency field first aid, and also will be delivering first aid kits to the ranger stations. The rangers  operate in very remote areas protecting one of the last populations of black rhinos.

Chris Dietrich wrote, “Chris and I proposed this project to them [SRT] as a means to give the rangers better capacity to deal with their own injuries in this harsh environment as they conduct patrols on foot and are unarmed. I have supported the work of these rhino rangers for about five years, and was last in Namibia in May 2019.”

Chris and Chris will be filing photos and more during and after their trip. To learn more about the work of Save the Rhino Trust visit:, and specifically about the SRT rangers, go here:

Helping secure a future for the world’s last truly wild black rhino population. ~ Save the Rhino Trust

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