Fire Department Enters 93rd Year in 2020

by Jane Ahrens
Fire District commissioners with Fire Chief and Division Chiefs 2020

Fishers Island Fire Department held the Election of Officers for 2020 on December 12, 2019. The line officers were sworn in by the Fishers Island Fire District Commissioners on Friday, January 3, 2020

Division Fire Chief
Division EMS Chief
Division Sea Stretcher Chief
Asst. Division Fire Chief
Asst. Division EMS Chief
Fire Captain
EMS Captain

Jeff Edwards
Dirk Harris
Carol Giles
David Burnham
Matt Edwards
Tracy Brock
Drew Norton
Chris Dollar
Alex Kardziyak

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The remaining officers were sworn in at the FIFD Installation Dinner Saturday, January 25 when more than 55 volunteers and their guests attended the celebratory dinner.

Sargent at Arms

Andrew Ahrens
Matt Edwards
John Doucette
Aaron Lusker
John Bergquist & Jill Rogan

Fire Department officers and commissioners in attendence January 25, 2020

Volunteers celebrating anniversaries at Annual Installation 2020

Congratulations to those volunteers receiving milestone anniversary pins this year. Jill Rogan, 20 years; Chris Edwards, 30 years; Bruce Hubert, 30 years, and Greg Thibodeau, 40 years.

Commissioner Aaron Lusker pins Greg Thibodeau with his 40 year pin
Ken Edwards, former FI Fire Chief and 62-year member of the Fishers Island Fire Department ended the swearing-in portion of the evening with this advice to the volunteers, “Please remember, your chief is only as good as the indians around him (or her).”
Thank you to all the volunteers pictured here, and all who were not in attendance, for your service to the department and the Island.

2020 Fishers Island Fire Department Volunteers

FIFD members reach Life Member (LM) status on their 20th anniversary in the Department. An asterisk (*) indicates the 51 Active Member in the FIFD as of January 2020.

LM SinceJoined
Ken Ahman*MAR-99
Lillie Ahman1997
Andrew Ahrens*MAY-15
Chris Aiello*
Courtney Allan*FEB-17
Don Beck*OCT-99
John Bergquist*APR-02
P. Joe Brock*AUG-00
Tracy Brock*APR-02
Bob Brooks*JAN-07
David Burnham*2019
Mike Conroy*2006
Gail Cypherd*2017
Greg Cypherd*2014
Dave Denison*2003
Thomas Doherty1997
Chris Dollar*FEB-15
Kathy Dollar*MAY-15
John Doucette*2007
Dan Doyen1999
Reynolds DuPont Jr.1993
Tawnya Eastman*MAR-09
Chris Edwards*2009
Donald Edwards1980
Jeffrey Edwards*2011
Ken Edwards, Sr.1977
Ken Edwards Jr.*2004
Matt Edwards*OCT-17
Patrick Edwards*
Richard Edwards2002
William Faulkner1987
Sarah Freeman*DEC-17
Michael George*APR-18
Carol Giles*2016
Paul Giles*2019
Harrison Hall*MAR-18
Jess Hall*MAY-15
Dirk Harris*MAY-14
LM SinceJoined
Jay Hartsfield1975
Tim Hoch*DEC-18
Lawrence Horn1995
George Horning2001
Bruce Hubert*2009
Mike Imbriglio2015
Richard Jenssen, Sr.1977
Robert Johns1991
Alex Kardziyak*NOV-08
John Kucsera*APR-11
Aaron Lusker*2015
Nate Malinowski*NOV-11
Steve Malinowski*2002
Miguel Mego*MAY-16
Ernie Middleton, II1984
Drew Norton*OCT-17
Tim Patterson*DEC-05
Aaron Rice*2013
Ed Riley2006
Jill Rogan*JUL-96
P. Joseph Rogan1982
Bob Rogers*Apr-03
Kandi Sanger1999
Penn Sanger*2014
Janio SpinolaAUG-02
Charles Stepanek2002
Alan Thibodeau2005
Greg Thibodeau*1999
Kapri Thomas*JUL-11
Jared Toldo*NOV-16
Brandy Walker*FEB-18
Patty Walker*NOV-16
James Wall2000
Arthur Walsh, Jr.1995
Mary Walter2002
Steve Walter1999
Rebekah Walters*APR-18
Wes Walters*OCT-17
Kathleen Zanghetti1997
Mario Zanghetti1975

Photo Credit: Jane T. Ahrens

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USCG Eagle passing the Race early morning March 18, 2023 on her return from the Chesapeake Bay. Photo Credit Marlin Bloethe

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