HOG 2019

by Jane Ahrens

The Island Health Project (IHP) held the 49th H.O.G. Golf Tournament on a beautiful and sunny Sunday, September 1, 2019.

Long Drive on 18: 
Joseph Biddle, 350 yards
Closest to the Pin on 11: Matt Gates, 5″

1st Place: 
Scott Phillips, Taylor Boswell, Sam Polk, Peter Webel, Brian Wilhelm, and Andrew Jeffries with 51
2nd Place: Connor Wakeman, Phillip Goss, Gardener Crary, Carter Sednaoui, Nicholas Goss, and Joseph Biddle with 51
3rd Place: Porter Goss, Chauncey Goss, Oliver Goss, Chip Burr, Gil Hanse, and Peter Upson with 52

Low Gross: Nishan Vartanian, Andrew Burr, Todd Cavaluzzi, Ethan Brown, Mason Horn and Chris Crain with 47
High Gross: Tom Cashel, Sr., Colin Cashel, Tom Cashel, Mike Cashel, Conor Cashel, and Will Saltonstall with 73

IHP Board President Susie Parsons received the John Bartol “Noon Balloon” award which is awarded annually to the single participant who exhibits especially notable HOG spirit. Susie won it this year due to her many years of superfulous HOG spirit and many years of dedication to the tournament and IHP.

Susie was part of this years winning skit, “You Have Come a Long Way Baby”. Celebrating the first woman’s team playing in the HOG and honoring so many women who have worked at holes and bartended over the years. This included Barbie Riegel who dressed up as Mrs. Bogert, an original supporter of the HOG underwriting the bars and food for the tournament for many years. Hilary Hotchkiss presented Susie (much to her surprise) with the award.

John Bartol was an instrumental supporter and organizer of the HOG Tournament. He took over the reins from Artie Pratt in 1984 and successfully ran it through 1988.  Johnny played in the HOG for many, if not all, the years until his death in 2001.

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Photo Credit: Jane T. Ahrens (unless noted otherwise)

Best Cart: Hunt for Red Hogtober
Best Comedy: Wiccapissa
Best Song (tie): A HOG is Born & Freddy Mercury
Best Battle of the Sexes: The SOWs
The HOG 2040 Award: The Stork and Company
The “It’s About Time” Award: We’ve Come a Long Way Baby
Best Costume: The Red Barn

The raffle for the earrings Barrie Fiske donated to start an IHP scholarship raised $47,100. $23,500 in raffle ticket sales and $23,600 in straight donations!

Ladies HOG 2019 Skit Poem

A smoking brand came out.
To honor women and their place
As more than male devout

Virginia Slims this brand was called
Their slogan strong and free
Progress for ladies was its theme,
Come say it now with me

“We’ve come a lonnngg way, baby!”

In the year of 1970
A HOG golf game was hatched.
Men drove and drank with levity,
Debauchery unmatched.

The women folk in early days
Had one quite simple role
To follow and adore their men
Pouring drinks on every hole.

The ladies’, well, their role felt small
Why miss out on all the fun?
Women’s lib, it was a thing
They would not be outdone.

They’d still pour drinks and serve the men
And make themselves look dreamy!
But witty boobie traps they’d make
In costumes often steamy

Starting back in ’81 and coming to today
These legendary ladies set up holes for you to play
HOG-honeys, Hawaiian HOGs and HOG-town saloon
These women, in their sultry digs, made the golfers swoon

Tending bar and making games, boat races we kept winning
HOG-toberfest and HOG-watch babes, heads could not stop spinning
HOGs-n-Heffers, Mo-HOG-sun, play well you’d earn a birdie
Stay too long with HOG-u-tantes, you’ll dream of getting dirty

Virginia Slims was the catalyst of honey evolution
In the 40 years since the launch of this, there’s been a revolution.
We burn our bras! We walk the moon! We get in the political pile.
We bought our rights to break the mold to compete today with style.

So people, young and old, come shout our favorite line…

“We’ve come a lonnngg way, baby!”


Thank you to all who participated in so many ways!

Featured Photo

USCG Eagle passing the Race early morning March 18, 2023 on her return from the Chesapeake Bay . Photo Credit Marlin Bloethe

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