ICB Minutes June 11, 2019

by Jane Ahrens

P.O. Box 464, Fishers Island, NY 06390
Tel: 631-788-7990
Email: ficommunityboard@gmail.com

ICB June Meeting
Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Community Center Multi-Purpose Room

Attendance 23

ICB Representatives Present: Mere Doyen (Island Liaison), Meg Atkin (Year-Round), Matt Edwards (Walsh Park), David Burnham (Waste Management), Christian Arsenault (School), Chris Finan (Utility Company), Jeanie Cook (Community Center), Louisa Evans (Ex Officio)

Public Present: Ken Edwards, Tim Patterson, John & Nick Klimczak, Bob Evans, Jim Reid, Tom Siebens, George & Louis De Menil, Todd Williams

On-Call: Tom O’ Neil (President), Dicky Riegel (Seasonal), Willard Soper (Treasurer), Nate Malinowski (Year-Round)

Staff: Zack Hoch (Secretary)

Absent: Candace Whitman (Year-Round), Tom Sargent (Conservancy), Greg Thibodeau (Fire District), John McGillian (FIDCO), Marc Rubenstein (IHP), Elizabeth McCance (Museum)

Approve May Minutes
Tom O’ Neil motioned to approve the ICB May meeting minutes written by Mere Doyen. The Board seconded and the minutes passed unanimously.

Dicky Riegel announced the Community Center is officially joining the ICB. Tom O’ Neil motioned to appoint Jeanie Cook as the organizational director of the Community Center. The Board seconded and the motion passed.

Dicky reminds that ICB elections are in August. Elected Director terms are for three years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms. After two terms, any elected Director must step down for at least one year prior to re-election. President, Tom O’ Neil is at the end of his 2nd term. Treasurer, Willard Soper is at the end of his first term, as is year-round representative Nate Malinowski. A nominating committee has been formed to seek qualified representatives. Louisa Evans suggests putting a memo online to get the word out for nominees.

Treasurer’s Report
Willard Soper stated there is approximately $2,300 in the ICB account. Zack Hoch will get a quote from Minuteman Press, to repeat a mailer similar to last year to raise money for the ICB. The goal is to send it out after the July meeting. Willard reminds all representatives and organizations to contribute annually.

Google Doc. [Referred to everywhere as Island Initiatives]

Mere Doyen says not everyone has learned how to update the Google Doc. Gmail makes it easiest. People with questions should contact Mere.

Mere will add a last updated column to the Google Doc.

Post Office
Tim Patterson raised awareness that mail dropped off at the post office destined for a Fishers Island PO Box may take 3 to 7 days to reach the recipient. The mail is first sent off Island and then returned back. This is because post offices across the country need to prove their ‘worth’ through the volume they handle by having the actual pieces of mail counted. Tim stated this does not apply to box holder mailings.

Jane Ahrens has posted an article regarding the evolving delivery situation with Post Office. https://fishersisland.net/post-office-mail-delivery-update/

Infrastructure Forum
Tom O’ Neil and the ICB formally invite FIDCO, the Utility Company and the FI Fire Department to a forum to discuss infrastructure needs. Issues between the Fire Department and Utility Company must be resolved.

Chris Finan stated the challenge is distribution and the Utility Company needs input from the community and Fire Department. The island must decide wants, needs, and explore alternate routes and costs and then present to the community. People should bring any concerns they have to a representative of the forum.

Louisa reported they are looking for a facilitator with knowledge of fire and water. Chris says they have a couple of people in mind. This person must work with the Public Service Commission. The Utility Company would give information to engineers and receive a recommendation. Next, ask for a Capital Improvement Plan, where costs can be broken up and financial responsibility can be determined.

Tom asked when the forum could present their findings and wonders what the Fire Department thinks. Tom also recommends a representative from the Fire Department attend each ICB meeting and an ICB rep attend Fire District meetings.

Chris answered the first step is to have a conversation with the Fire Department to explore options and alternatives. FIDCO and Utility Company support the forum but there seems to be a lack of communication with the Fire Department.

Tom O’ Neil motioned to send a letter to FIDCO, the Utility Company and Fire Department proposing the group forum. The Board seconded and motioned passed.

Louisa Evans reported the sidewalks will begin construction in the Spring of 2020.

The Thames River dredging project is going to bid. Is this an issue the ICB and community wish to express their thoughts on?

Community Center
Jeanie Cook is excited to be the latest ICB representative. She announced a couple of upcoming events. Driftwood workshops are Fridays and the Long Island Sound, Blue Plan is having a public meeting Thursday, June 20th. All are welcome.

Fencing around the basketball courts has been approved for soft netting to go above the fence, to make fence 10 feet tall.

Adjourned 6:21 PM

The next ICB meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 9th 5:30 pm, Community Center multi-purpose room.

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USCG Eagle passing the Race early morning March 18, 2023 on her return from the Chesapeake Bay . Photo Credit Marlin Bloethe

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