What to do at the Museum this month: The Instagram Wall

by Jane Ahrens
Photo Credit: Faith Coolidge

Last year, as he was organizing an exhibition about Fishers Island photography, H. L. Ferguson Museum Director Pierce Rafferty sought ways to expand the installation. “It occurred to me we could bring many other photographers into the exhibition by using images of Fishers Island published on Instagram,” he recalls.

Over the winter, Pierce spent countless hours searching through thousands of images related to Fishers Island, which he narrowed down to a curated selection. After receiving permission from each of the photographers responsible for capturing the images, he assembled an exhibition that now can be seen on a wall on the museum’s second floor. Photographs on display include stunning sunsets and sunrises, an aerial view of the island taken from an airplane, paddleboarders and much more.

“It ended up creating a wonderful wallpaper-like colorful portrait of Fishers Island in four-inch squares,” says Rafferty. “It is wonderful to get such a wide representation of photographers on the island and it was an interesting curatorial exercise as well.”

While some are more represented than others, more than 50 photographers are involved in the exhibition, from professional photographers such as John Morgan and Adrien Broom to talented amateur photographers including Joshua Starbuck, Matthew Hyotte and Sarah Malinowski.

Rafferty plans to continue to expand the exhibition. But like Instagram, it is transitory and will not be permanently displayed, he says.

The exhibition can be seen until June 2020.

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Beach Rocks sun gaze, 12/10/20 Photo by Richard Breining

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