Christian Arsenault

Fishers Island School
Board Member: Fishers Island Library
Board Member: Walsh Park
ICB (Island Community Board): FI School Rep

Founding Principal,
Capital Community College Magnet Academy (Hartford, CT)

When did you first arrive on Island?
My family and I moved to Fishers in July of 2017.  I had spent the previous 10 years working in the Hartford Public School System as a teacher, school counselor, and administrator. During my last three years, I was given the opportunity to serve as the Founding Principal of Capital Community College Magnet Academy. It was an 11th/12th grade Early College Model High School that was built with the vision to allow high school students to be dually enrolled in both college and high school during their junior and senior years.  Unfortunately, the financial stress on the city of Hartford forced ours, and many other schools to be closed. I began searching for a new position and was fortunate enough to find this opportunity on Fishers Island. 

What are your favorite things to do on Fishers?

Golfing, going to the beach and enjoying the island with my family and friends.

What does Fishers mean to you?

Fishers allows me the opportunity to do the work that I love but still have quality time with Beth, Owen, Ben, and Homer.  I doubt that I can ever show my gratitude for this gift but work each day on behalf of our students, staff, and community to try and do so.

About your job/store/business/non-profit:

Fishers Island School is a special and truly unique place. I have been in many schools and there is not a single one that feels like ours. The joy of learning and sense of community hits you the moment you walk in the door. It is an absolute privilege to be able to work in the service of our students and staff each day.


631-788-7444 (Office)
631-788-7073 (Home)
631-357-4692 (Cell)

Aug 5, 2019

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