Island Stewardship: The Gift of Raising Standards

by Jane Ahrens

It was a cool morning on Sanctuary of Sands, with almost an autumnal feel. While June’s weather has felt like the new May, I was somehow transported back or even ahead to those crisp, clear and choppy days of a once typical September on Fishers Island.

The tides were low, and the seaweed wrack line, salted and thick washed ashore forming knee-high berms. Despite the cool breeze, sand flies hovered and hid within this smorgasbord for shorebirds.

It is along this sandy shoal that Fishers Island welcomes the most diverse species of sea faring, feathered migrants. It is also within these protected and preserved dunes of beach grass and rippling tide pools, that our community has raised its standard of stewardship.

For every moment committed to the maintaining and sustaining our Island’s unique marine habitat; an inherent trust is “gifted” between the precious wildlife depending on all of us. For every mylar balloon and piece of plastic debris picked up and properly disposed of, for every dog kindly leashed, for every conscientious step we lightly tread, Nature will in turn appear wondrous and profoundly grateful.

Pictured below: Lone adult breeding Spotted Sandpiper finally returns with mate after 5 years.

Justine Kibbe, Island Naturalist for FIConservancy can be printed at the bottom of Field Note

Featured Photo

USCG Eagle passing the Race early morning March 18, 2023 on her return from the Chesapeake Bay. Photo Credit Marlin Bloethe

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