Dock Beach this summer

Dock Beach, owned and run by Island People’s Project, is located along the western shore of Fishers Island at the mouth of West Harbor. It is Fishers Island’s smallest beach, but its beauty and charm are matchless. There is a roped off swim area and lifeguards will be on duty weekdays throughout July and August from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Bring a picnic while the kids swim!


  • Enjoy the beautiful setting and swim within the nets
  • Listen to the lifeguard on duty
  • Respect the wildlife including horseshoe crabs & hermit crabs


  • Please don’t climb on the rocks or lifeguard chair
  • Please don’t bother the lifeguard equipment
  • Please don’t dive off of the swim platform
  • Please leave your pets at home during swim hours

​And, please take home everything you brought.

Questions? Please contact Wendy Krag O’Neil
(413) 446-4788

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