Tim Patterson


Commissioner: Fishers Island Waste Management District
Member and Pump Operator: Fishers Island Fire Department (Certified Interior Firefighter and Pump Operator); 2018 Firefighter of the Year
Navigator: Sea Stretcher
Adjutant & Treasurer: The Alfred R. Grebe Post 1045 of the American Legion
Head Groupie: The Lighthouse Works – love to help them whenever I am able with what they are doing for the island.

ICB (Island Community Board), Waste Management Rep
Broker: Soundview Real Estate, LLC

I love being busy. I have learned to shingle, another arcane skill of carpentry. I enjoy working with people, which is the crux of being involved in Real Estate transactions, and also in providing solutions to remodeling some of these iconic houses out here on the island.

How did you get here?
My Grandfather, who lived in Manhattan, was a great golfer. My Mother, my Sister, Gay Lord, and I had lived in Locust Valley, NY while my Father was in England in the Air Force. When Dad came home we moved back to Dayton, Ohio. My Grandfather gave up his membership at The Creek Club (keeping Garden City and Pine Valley), Grampy, as we children called him, got a membership at the Big Club and we began to come to Fishers every summer. We came in June and left in September. We lived in Cottage 3.

What are your favorite things to do on Fishers?
I love to sail and fish. I have been able to teach my children and my grandchildren to fish in both salt and fresh water here on the island, and to sail.

Sharon and I met here as children. There was a point where we decided to retire here. We moved here, but did not retire yet. It is one of the best things we have ever done. The island is so different from the life we lived in the inner city in Dayton. The spirit of “getting it done” is so palpable when major problems occur, whether it be snow, rain or hurricane. All turn out to get the Island back to operating status. Despite everything that Sandy threw at us, most of the power and phones on Fishers were up and running by Sunday evening, with some areas being worked on for several days after to make all safe and secure.

Soundview Real Estate, LLC

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