ICB Minutes September 11, 2018

by Jane Ahrens

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Tel: 631-788-7990
Email: ficommunityboard@gmail.com

ICB August Meeting
Tuesday, September 11th, 2018
Community Center Multi-Purpose Room

Attendance 23

ICB Reps: Willard Soper (Treasurer), Candy Whitman (Year-Roud), Nate Malinowski (Year-Round), Meg Atkins (Year-Round), Greg Thibodeau (Waste Management), Geb Cook (Ferry District), Matt Edwards (Walsh Park), Christian Arsenault (School)

Staff: Zack Hoch

On Call: Tom O’ Neil (President), Dicky Riegel, (Seasonal), Tom Sargent (Conservancy), Elizabeth McCance (Museum)

Absent: Louisa Evans (Southold), Chris Finan (Utility Company), Marc Rubenstein (IHP), John McGillian (FIDCO)

Public Present: Ken Edwards, Tim Patterson, Sarah Rafferty, Peter Burr, Lucinda Herrick, Mr. and Mrs. Carter Sednaoui, Mere Doyen, Jane Geniesse, Anne Polk

Approve August Minutes
Tom O’ Neil motioned to approve the August minutes composed by Zack Hoch. The Board seconded and the minutes passed. The recreation path will be recognized as one of the ICB’s priorities for the upcoming year and the ICB will send quarterly updates to Southold explaining the status of ongoing projects.

Finance Update
Willard Soper stated there is some confusion about the ICB and the Community Center. The ICB and the community Center are separate organizations.

Willard was glad to report the ICB raised their funds to almost $5,000 and received over $4000 in donations since the boxholder mail blast and email blasts of the ICB’s Annual Appeal were delivered in August. Willard proposes ICB representatives continue reaching out to their own contacts and send their own email blasts. Tom O’ Neil recommends each institution make an annual contribution and suggested $500.

Annual Report
Nate Malinowski reported the 2018 Annual Report is a little behind schedule. Nate is learning a new template to assemble the report because the old service is no longer an option. Nate collected a quote to print 50 paper copies for $490. Copies will be made available at the annual Turkey Trot and in the library. Tom motioned to accept the quote, the board seconded and the motioned passed. Nate hopes to have the Annual Report completed and printed by the November meeting. The Strategic Alignment presentation will be included. Nate asks anyone to send thoughts or critiques to his email at nate.malinowski@gmail.com.

Southold Update

Tom O’ Neil reported the Utility Company is going to lay pipe where the sidewalks will be replaced so the sidewalk repairs will happen in the spring and be complete by summer. Dicky Riegel stated Chris Finan had conversations with Vinny Orlando.

Administrative Position
Tom reported the Administrative position is all but dotted and signed. The interview process has begun and there is currently 1 applicant. The position could be filled by the end of September. Candy Whitman asked about a potential office for the Neighborhood Liason and mentioned an office space is being renovated in the movie theatre; which is a good location for the community to see. Nate Malinowski worries about to cost of rent and utilities.

Waste Management
Greg Thibodeau reported Waste Management’s facility upgrade project is progressing slowly. Waste Management is finishing their Solid Waste Plan to meet state mandates. Their 10 year plan must be updated every 2 years and submitted to Southold. Greg stated there will be a public meeting around Columbus Day and encourages community members to attend if there are questions. Greg stated additional information can be found online at fishersislandwastemanagement.com.

There is concern within the community that island residents are uninformed about the renovation project and certain details are being closely guarded. Waste Management presented their plans at the May ICB meeting. Still, most island residents have not seen the presentation. Peter Burr suggests the ICB either endorse or oppose the project. Tom O’ Neil agrees the ICB should render opinions. Mere Doyen recommends finding a mediator or initiating an ICB sponsored forum to create dialogue. The community needs to understand the state mandates Waste Management faces. The new facility must be cost effective, environmentally friendly and be able to evolve with the times and withstand the unique challenges faced on Fishers Island.

Strategic Alignment
Tom O’ Neil motioned to vote on the Strategic Alignment Presentation by Columbus Day so the ICB can render opinions. The board seconded and the motion passed. Willard Soper suggests adding the presentation to The Foghorn. Dicky Riegel stated there will be copies of the presentation at the October ICB meeting and in the Annual Report.

Adjourned 7:00pm

The next ICB meeting will be Saturday, October 6th at 4:00 pm in the community center multipurpose room.

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