Honoring our Veterans Each and Every Day

by Jane Ahrens

In recognition of Veterans Day on November 11 we honor all those who have served and are currently serving our country.

Thank you today, and always.

Fishers Island affiliated veterans are recognized below in this list which is a work in progress.

LastFullBranch Legion Member 
BanisterBarry BanisterUSMCViet NamPost #1045 
BridgemanEddie BridgemanUSN  FI Ferry Dist
BrockJoe BrockUSN Post #1045 
BrownRod BrownUSAF  FI Ferry Dist
BurnhamElizabeth BurnhamUSNPersian GulfPost #1045 
BurnsDan BurnsUSMC   
BurnsRJ BurnsUSCG  FI Ferry Dist
BurrPeter Burr Viet NamPost #1045 
CashelTom CashelUSCG   
ConraySteve ConrayUSN  FI Ferry Dist
ConroyMike ConroyUSMC   
ConroyBrendon ConroyUSAF   
CookSteven Cook Viet NamPost #1045 
CutlerGinger CutlerUSMCCurrently servingPost #1045 
DavisAl DavisUS Army   
DohertyTom DohertyUSCGViet NamPost #1045 
DoucetteJohn DoucetteUS ArmyGermanyPost #1045 
duPontReynold duPont Jr. Viet NamPost #1045 
EdwardsAlbert EdwardsUSN Post #1045 
EsserGeorge EsserUSNViet NamPost #1045 
GastonAlexander GastonUSN Post #1045 
GilmorePete GilmoreUS Army  FI Ferry Dist
GuralSteve GuralUSAF  FI Ferry Dist
HandJohn Hand Viet NamPost #1045 
HartsfieldJ. B. HartsfieldUSCGKoreaPost #1045 
HelfetTony HelfetUSMC   
HenryRon HenryUSN   
HornLarry HornUS ArmyViet NamPost #1045 
IngramChristoper Ingram Persian GulfPost #1045 
JohnsonDavid JohnsonUS ArmyViet Nam  
KadushinCharles Kadushin KoreaPost #1045 
KahmSteve KahmUSCG  FI Ferry Dist
LambLewis O. LambUS ArmyWWIIPost #1045 
LambScott LambUSNCurrently serving  
LambDon LambUSN   
LavinBob LavinUSCG  FI Ferry Dist
MaddaloniJ.P. MaddaloniUS ArmyCurrently serving  
MaddaloniAvery MaddaloniUS ArmyBosnia  
MarionJohn MarionUSAF   
MasonRhamir MasonUSN  FI Ferry Dist
MiddletonErnie MiddletonUS ArmyKoreaPost #1045 
NelsonLee NelsonUSCG  FI Ferry Dist
NewellChris NewellUSN  FI Ferry Dist
NewellBen NewellUSMC  FI Ferry Dist
NortonGlen Norton Viet NamPost #1045 
PanessaGennaro Panessa Viet NamPost #1045 
PattersonDavid PattersonUSN   
PattersonTim PattersonUS Army Post #1045 
PhilippRichard Philipp KoreaPost #1045 
RileyEd Riley Viet NamPost #1045 
RoganJoe RoganUS ArmyKoreaPost #1045 
RogersBob RogersUSMC   
ScholleOliver ScholleUSNCurrently servingPost #1045 
SchollePeter ScholleUSNCurrently servingPost #1045 
ScottBob ScottUSMC   
SkiJohn SkiUSMC Post #1045 
SnedecorTread SnedecorUSMCCurrently servingPost #1045 
TalbotJohn T. TalbotUS ArmyViet NamPost #1045 
ThorsThor ThorsUS Army Post #1045 
WalkerPatty WalkerUS Army Post #1045 

Please send additions, corrections, and comments to Jane Ahrens at finyinfo@gmail.com and we will make list updates.

If you would like to join the Fishers Island American Legion Post #1045, please contact Tim Patterson at timpattersonfi@mac.com or he can be reached at 860.908.0686. He can assist veterans with the easy Legion membership.

Featured Photo

USCG Eagle passing the Race early morning March 18, 2023 on her return from the Chesapeake Bay . Photo Credit Marlin Bloethe

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