Fishers Island Community Board – Please support the ICB!

August 2018

Hello everyone.

As we approach Labor Day weekend, I hope you will join me in providing financial support for the Island Community Board.  I am proud to work together with President Tom O’Neil and other elected and appointed ICB representatives to create action plans around island priorities.  The ICB is the central forum for the discussion of island issues and opportunities.

Hopefully, you have received the annual ICB appeal in your Fishers Island mailbox.  Many of you are already members of the ICB, but may not yet have donated in 2018.  Your annual voluntary donations to the ICB allow you to vote in ICB elections and propel lots of great work for the benefit of all Fishers Islanders. And it doesn’t take a lot of money to participate!

Suggested annual family donations to the ICB are $25.00, but please consider donating $50.00 or $100.00 if you can.  The funds pay for ICB’s administrative services, mailings and other communications with the island community, and other miscellaneous activities.

It’s easy to support the ICB.  There are two steps:

First, register once at

Then, make your donation here:

Why support the ICB?  For example, the ICB has recently:

  • Worked with the Town of Southold to secure funding to repair island sidewalks and other infrastructure – scheduled for Fall 2018
  • Convinced the Town to hire a Town-funded, part-time Island Administrator to work with all island entities on priority projects
  • Worked together with Walsh Park, Fidco, the Ferry District and other island organizations to announce new apartments to be developed on the 2nd floor of the Freight building
  • Worked with HL Ferguson Museum and FI Conservancy on ongoing critical island environmental initiatives
  • Brought the FI Waste Management District presentation to islanders to consider facility consolidation plan
  • Worked with the Town to amend the zoning laws to promote sensible year-round housing development

Thank you for making the small donation, and for supporting the good work of the Island Community Board!

Dicky Riegel
Seasonal Representative, ICB

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