ICB Minutes May 26, 2018

by Jane Ahrens

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Tel: 631-788-7990
Email: ficommunityboard@gmail.com

ICB February Meeting Minutes
Saturday, May 26, 2018
5:30 pm
Community Center

Attendance: 36

ICB Reps: Tom O’Neil (President), Dicky Riegel (Seasonal), Meg Atkin (Year-Round), Nate Malinowski (Year-Round), Matt Edwards (Walsh Park), Greg Thibodeau (Waste Management/Fire Department), Geb Cook (Ferry District), Chris Finan (Utility Company), Elizabeth McCance (Museum)

On Call: Willard Soper (Treasurer), John McGillian (FIDCO)

Absent: Candy Whitman (Year-Round), Tom Sargent (Conservancy), Marc Rubenstein (IHP)

Public Present: Louisa Evans, Sarah Porter, Jane Ahrens, Charlie, Wodzack, Alan Thibodeau, Beth Stern, Lucinda Herrick, Bob Evans, Mary Edwards, Mere Doyen, Sharon Patterson, Luke Fowler, Chippy Dupont, Jeanie Cook, Pierce Rafferty, Laurie Finan, Brad Burnham, Mary Burnham, Todd Williams, Ken Edwards, Bill Ridgeway, Carol Ridgeway

Approve March Minutes
Tom O’ Neil motioned to pass the March minutes. The March minutes unanimously passed.

Greg Thibodeau was officially named the Fishers Island Fire Department representative. The Fire Department did not previously have a representative on the ICB. Greg is also the Waste Management representative.

Southold Update
Louisa Evans reported Southold tweaked the job description for the part-time administrative position to better fit the title as ‘Community Liaison’. The description is going through Civil Service for approval.

When asked on the timetable for sidewalks, Louisa stated that the money for the sidewalks has been put in place and bid specifics are being worked up to go out to bid for the work. Sidewalk repairs would start near the ferry and progress towards town. Community members are encouraged to photograph or take note of any sidewalk in disrepair. She is hopeful work will begin in autumn and added there is drainage work to complete first.

State Trooper
Trooper Charlie Wodzack spoke briefly reminding everyone to wear seatbelts, not to speed or text while driving. Charlie will be on island until December and there will be a rotation of officers accompanying him. For further questions or concerns call the police barracks any day of the week (631)788-7600.

Willard Soper reported there is approximately $2,300 in the ICB checking account. The ICB hopes to raise between $5,000-$8,000 for it’s small budget and asks for annual donations $25 per family or $10 for an individual. Tom O’ Neil motioned to approved Zack Hoch’s 60 hours from February through May and motioned to reimburse Candy Whitman $110 for her visit to Southold. The motions were passed.

Dicky Reigel asked the audience if the ICB requests are reasonable. Lucinda Herrick stated ICB is asking for a reasonable amount but communications is poor and people are unaware. Louisa stated people don’t remember the last time they contributed. Pierce Rafferty suggested sending an annual notice to ICB members by paper mail and posting the list of ICB members online. Tom O’ Neil agreed with Pierce and is considering sending a notice out to all community members by July 4th .

Election Discussion
Dicky Reigel stated the next ICB election likely will be in late August but no official date is set. The ICB has 3 elected seasonal reps and 3 elected year-round reps. Dicky asks the Community to think of people who can make a difference and will encourage further participation.

Waste Management Presentation
Waste Management assembled a PowerPoint for the ICB and Fishers Island community detailing their new project. Alan gave the presentation and stated the goal is to reduce disposal volumes and reduce the amount of waste generated and shipped off island. The average person creates 4.5lbs of garbage daily, while the goal is .6lbs. Alan listed numerous problems with the current transfer station; it is not the District’s property, there are traffic flow problems, no room for expanding recycling programs, no water drainage, it is out of compliance with environmental laws and it is in a flood zone. Problems with the compost station include infrastructure degradation, the element of the historic bunkers are failing and years of burning has compromised the bunkers. It is not up to OSHA safety compliance, there is no water detention or drainage and insufficient storage.
Alan reported from 2015-2017 Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) has reduced from 32 dumpster hauls ($44,873) to 27 hauls ($37,884) but bottles and cans have increased from 28 hauls ($25,293) to 32 hauls ($28,869). Starting in 2018 Waste Management removed glass from the bottles and cans stream, which should lead to fewer hauls and ferry trips savings approximately $8,900 yearly. With an updated facility and a 30 yard compactor for bottles and cans, hauls and ferry trips would decrease to 18, which would reduce yearly charges to an estimated $17,103.48. Alan reported that in 2013 an EPA study estimated 14.6% of MSW is organic waste. In 2017 the district had 254.5 tons of MSW. If 14.6% or 37.16 tons were converted to organic waste, $5,000 could be saved yearly by lessening the haul stream. The new compost station could convert garbage to dirt in 4-8 weeks. Alan emphasized that reusing helps. Ground glass is used as ‘clean’ fill, with a new storage shed mattresses can be sent to be stripped down into reusable material, textiles can be sent off to be reused and  A ‘Swap Shop’ building would protect items that are usually discarded. Waste increased by 7 tons last year so reusing and reducing waste will relieve stress on island systems: waste facilities, ferries and taxpayers. Incentives for producing less waste include ‘pay as you throw’, special bags for MSW and weighing non-recyclables. Upgrades to the new facility include repairs to infrastructure, signage, drainage, and added storage. Repairs and updates are to be made to the existing office and a new maintenance building with a new composting system will be built. With dumpsters, hoppers, a scale system, contingency items and equipment, the current cost estimate is $4,150,000. Aspects of the project are eligible for NYDEC’s Environmental Protection Fund’s Municipal Waste Reduction and Recycling Program Grants worth up to $2,000,000. The purpose of the fund is to improve, promote and expand waste reduction, recycling, reuse and composting. Education and composting programs are available. Further information can be found at fishersislandwastemanagement.com or Alan invites anyone to stop by the Waste Management office.

Willard Soper asked if the estimates are precise and what the time table could be. Greg Thibodeau answered that those numbers are what they have to work with and the DEC gave the green light to Waste Management to proceed and they are working on bonding currently. Louisa Evans stated the Town Board will vote on bonding to determine if the district can afford the project. There is concern over the location of the project being so close to the school and community center and if this project is right for the ‘big picture’. Greg countered by stating they want to be good neighbors and will keep some land preserved, and create a walking path and with a full landscape. Tom O’ Neil asked what the response is from the school. Greg stated the response is good so far and Waste Management is working with the school and students to teach environmental studies, recycling habits and about solar power. Greg asks anyone to write down questions for him to answer. Questions can also be asked and answered on Waste Management’s website.

Tom thanked Waste Management for their presentation and asks that they continue to listen to the community. Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 11th 5:30 pm at the Community Center in the multi-purpose room where the Environmental Committee will present.

Adjourned 5:35 pm

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