Fishers Island School Graduates 8 in Class of 2018

by Jane Ahrens
Congratulations to the Class of 2018: John Baez, Nicholas Klimczak, Brooklyn Redo, Caroline Toldo, Benjamin Weber, Devin Kucsera, Craig Mrowka, and Hunter Kucsera.

Six Fishers Island residents and two commuting students have made up the Class of 2018 since high school began and all eight were celebrated for their achievements at graduation on Friday, June 22.

In his introduction of Commencement Speaker Mr. McCance, Nick Klinczak ’18 said, “Mr. Henry McCance is a lifetime member of the Fishers Island community. He is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Business School and is currently the Chairman Emeritus of Greylock Partners and as well as a Partner of Fenway Sports Group. Mr. McCance is also the Director of the Cure Alzheimer’s Foundation, a nonprofit Alzheimer’s research organization, which he co-founded in 2006.

Not only has Mr. McCance made an impact on the world through his team’s incredible Alzheimer’s research, but he has also contributed to the better good of the class of 2018. In the fall of 2016, Mr. McCance conducted the Fishers Island Lake Wales exchange program. This exchange program allowed FIS students the ability to explore a larger school environment as well as travel to a new location and create friendships outside of our small community. I know from my experiences from that trip, I am forever grateful to Mr. McCance for giving me such an amazing opportunity.”

Commencement speaker Henry McCance gave the Class of 2018 some sound advice in his thoughtful, amusing and sincere remarks. He paraphrased a former Harvard professor’s Ted Talk regarding the importance of making others’ lives better and wished the Class good luck on both their “career resume” (the one that lists the jobs and accomplishments) and especially on their “eulogy resume” (the one that talks to one’s character and giving to others). To learn more about this, you may hear Henry’s remarks beginning at 13:20 in the video below.

At the conclusion of Mr. McCance’s remarks, Nick announced, “As a token of our gratitude for not only conducting our commencement speech but also for your contributions to society … the class of 2018 would like to donate the remaining funds from our class account, approximately $1,500, to the Cure Alzheimer’s Foundation.”

Additionally, John Baez ’18 presented the Class Gift to the School, “Science has been a very important aspect of our class’s learning journey. … As part of our unique hands-on learning experience, we get to spend time in the water during some of our science experiments and observations and our school’s current waders have a significant amount of wear and tear.” So, the Science Department is receiving a brand new set of waders. The Class of 2018 also had the theater professionally cleaned, not only in time for their graduation but so that the community can benefit from the renewed facility for the summer.

To See the Video of Graduation 2018 CLICK HERE

Mr. McCance suggested that Fishers Island School may rank #1 in the country in receiving local community support in scholarships for the graduates.

Scholarships Awarded

Scholarships and awards to Fishers Island High School students were presented at awards night and at the graduation ceremony this past week. The Island community and others generously support the continuing education of our graduates and Fishers Island alumni. Among them are:

“Triple C” Award from the NY State Attorney General’s Office This award goes to two students who have shown Character, Courage, and Commitment.  Whether excelling in academic pursuits, participating in community service, displaying leadership among their classmates, or overcoming personal challenges, these students inspire and provide hope for the future.
Presented by FI School Counselor Julie Arcelus
Devin Kucsera ’18 & Nick Klimczak ’18

NY State Comptroller’s Award This award is presented each year to a who student who has excelled academically and has shown leadership potential by volunteering their time to serve their school or community.
Presented by FI School Counselor Julie Arcelus
Brooklyn Redo ’18

2018 Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence This award honors the top 2 graduating seniors (who are NY residents) with the highest weighted average of Regents Exam scores.
Presented by FI School Counselor Julie Arcelus
Brooklyn Redo ’18 (highest) & Devin Kuscera ’18 (second highest)

BD Remodeling & Restoration Scholarship This scholarship goes to a senior interested in furthering skills in remodeling and restoration.
Presented by FI School Counselor Julie Arcelus
John Baez ’18

Fishers Island Lemonade “Entrepreneur-ship” Scholarship Presented by FI School Counselor Julie ArcelusThis scholarship goes to a senior who is a motivated and driven student, and a future business leader.
Caroline Toldo ’18

Valhalla Scholarship This award was created by Fishers Island School alumni as a way to celebrate the unique opportunities that our school provides. Ethan Bean (one of the award’s founders) shared, “This student’s submission really stood out to us and we are excited to see what he will accomplish in the years ahead.”
Presented by FI School Counselor Julie Arcelus
Nick Klimczak ’18

FI Teachers’ Association Scholarship The FI Teachers’ Association (FITA) awards scholarships annually for students graduating from Fishers Island School. Seniors apply and are considered in the areas of academic achievement, school participation, and service to their communities. This year 5 seniors applied and 5 scholarships were awarded.
Presented by FITA President Chris Dollar
Caroline Toldo ’18, Brooklyn Redo ’18, Ben Weber ’18, John Baez ’18, Nick Klimczak ’18

Dr. William Gallaher Science Award (IHP) Presented by IHP Board President Susie Parsons
Ben Weber ’18

Dr. Ralph K. Hoch Scholar-Athlete Award (IHP) Presented by IHP Board President Susie Parsons
Caroline Toldo ’18

The Edwin and Katherine Horning Award (Union Chapel) Presented by Tim Patterson
Caroline Toldo ’18

Mary Ski Community Service Award (Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church) Presented by Marybeth Guimaraes
Brooklyn Redo ’18

Chelsea Groton Bank Scholarship Presented by Miria J. TothDevin Kuscera ’18

SCOPE Scholarship Presented by Superintendent Karen Goodwin
Caroline Toldo ’18 

Fishers Island Community Scholarships from St. John’s Church will support almost 30 students this year who will receive over $90,000 in scholarships which span four years of college education and up to two years of graduate study. Since 1983, we have contributed to and managed these Community Scholarships – they were a signature part of our Capital Campaign over 7 years ago. People from the church and the island community contributed generously.

The result is a truly remarkable scholarship program providing assistance for up to 6 years of higher education – scholarships for every Fishers Island student graduating high school including scholarships for magnet students from off-island, and scholarships for Fisher Island residents attending high school on the mainland. A graduate who lives on the island receives $4,000 a year and a graduate who lives off the island receives $2,000 a year. This is our most significant outreach effort and a very visible sign of our commitment to our mission: “to impact the Fishers Island community across all seasons.”
Presented by Susie Brinckerhoff and Harry Parker To all 8 members of the Class of 2018

Matriculation Plans for the Class of 2018

John Baez, Western New England University (Business)
Nicholas Klimczak, Manhattanville College (Education)
Devin Kucsera, SUNY New Paltz (Drama/Theater)
Hunter Kucsera- Buffalo State (Photography)
Craig Mrowka, SUNY Brockport (Water Resources)
Brooklyn Redo, Salve Regina University (Psychology)
Caroline Toldo, Loyola University of Chicago (Biology)
Ben Weber, Quinnipiac College, Accelerated Dual Degree 3/1 program (BS/MBA) (Business)

June 22, 2018
From the Principal’s Desk

Hello Fishers Island Families,

I hope that this finds you well. Please allow me to begin by expressing the gratitude that I have for everything that you mean to the Fishers Island School community. The commitment that our families make to our school is something that we never take for granted. Your passion, energy, and insistence on maintaining a high bar of excellence inspires our staff and improves our school.

The 2017-2018 school year at Fishers Island School was a great success. We moved our students forward academically, social, and emotionally in many ways. The gifts and talents of our students were on display in the classroom, the stage, the court and in our hallways. Fishers Island School is a truly unique educational setting and your children make it such a wonderful place to be.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge and thank our graduating class and their families. Thank you for everything you have done for our school in your time with us. Please know that we are always here to help in any way that we can. We are excited to hear about your accomplishments awaiting your future.

I hope you all enjoy the summer and time with your families.

In your service,


Christian Arsenault
Principal, Fishers Island School

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