2018 Osprey Fledgling Count

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Photos by Andrew Edwards

Active Nests ~ June 30, 2018

1. Silver Eel Cove 3
2. Transfer Station 3
3. Hawks Nest Point 3
4. John Ski 3
5. Navy Station 0
6. Chris Dewey 3
7. Pirate’s Cove 2
8. Four Corner’s (Bagley Reid 3
9. Driving Range (west side) 2
10. Osprey Cam 1
11. Bob Miller’s 3
12. Middle Farms South 0
13. Main Road (Chapman’s Drive) 2
14. Main Road (North side Dunwood’s Drive) 1
15. Main Road (Steve Cook’s Drive) 2
16. Main Road (North side before Club) 2
17. Money Pond 1

Inactive Nests

The following sites are currently inactive: Race Rock, Harry Parker, John Harris, Ann Harris, Mark Franklin, Alsop, and Main Road East before Chocomount Beach.

Other Notes

Ospreys have attempted to build nests on chimneys at three houses, and have also tried to build on several utility poles. 34 fledglings is a new record for Fishers Island.

Many thanks to Andrew Edwards who performed the count using his drone, Whitney Edwards for assisting/witnessing with the count, and Lori Swenson for her help with the paperwork.

Respectfully submitted for the Ferguson Museum and the Fishers Island Conservancy,

Ken Edwards

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