ICB Minutes February 12, 2018

by Jane Ahrens

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ICB February Meeting Minutes
Saturday, February 12, 2018
5:30 pm
Community Center

Directors Present: Candy Whitman (Year-Round), Nate Malinowski (Year-Round), Tim Patterson/Greg Thibodeau (Waste Management), Matt Edwards (Walsh Park), Ace Ahrens (Ferry District), Chris Finan (Utility Company)

Directors On Call: Tom O’ Neil (President), Meg Atkin (Year-Round)

Directors Absent: Dicky Reigel (Seasonal), Willard Soper (Treasurer), Christian Arsenault (School), Marc Rubenstein (IHP), John McGillian (FIDCO), Tom Sargent (Conservancy), Elizabeth McCance (Museum)

Staff Present: Zack Hoch (Administrator/Secretary)

Public Present: Sarah Porter, Gordon Murphy, Ken Edwards, Bob Evans

Approve Minutes

Tom O’ Neil motioned to pass the January 13, 2018 ICB meeting minutes. The board unanimously seconded.

Review Subcommittees

Tom O’ Neil recognized all subcommittees on the board and asked each to meet before upcoming meetings.

  • Housing: Matt Edwards, Candy Whitman, Meg Atkin, Christian Arsenault, John McGillian, Chris Finan
  • Infrastructure: Tom O’ Neil, Louisa Evans, John McGillian, Greg Thibodeau, Chris Finan
  • Environmental Stewardship: Tom Sargent, Dixon Harvey, Dicky Riegel, Tim Patterson, Greg Thibodeau, Ken Edwards
  • Communications: Tom O’ Neil, Candy Whitman, Nate Malinowski, Meg Atkin, Michelle Klimczak
  • Administrative Leadership: Louisa Evans, Tom O’ Neil, Dicky Reigel
  • Finance: Willard Soper, John McGillian, Chris Finan

The housing committee will arrange a time to meet and will present at the March 12th meeting. Communication is best when the reps are frequently talking with each other. The ICB looks to recognize mutual goals and minimize erratic rumors. Chris Finan feels the Utility Company’s housing project is losing traction. It is taking longer than expected and has become frustrating. Dicky Reigel wants to know why the project is losing traction.

Environmental Stewardship
The Environmental Stewardship committee will arrange to meet and will present at the May 26th meeting. The committee is looking at potential opportunities such as alternative and solar energy and then will establish the pros and cons. Tom O’ Neil wants to know how to access the 2% Peconic Bay Fund. Dixon Harvey is the Fishers Island Representative.

Communications is a new 2018 ICB priority. Candy demands a focus on communications and urges the ICB to advertise often and make the community more aware. Tom suggested using the 2018 Annual Report to improve sub-categories then gather other viewpoints from the island. Tom and Zack will work to get the meeting agenda out 2 weeks prior to monthly meetings. Bob Evans feels ideas or proposals made by community members do not receive proper attention and discussion. Tom stated the ICB is establishing a methodology so all issues are recognized and discussed. He explained that issues should first be discussed within the subcommittees and bullet point material should be brought to the meetings.

Administrative Leadership
Louisa Evans could not make the meeting so Bob Evans reported the Administrative Position job description is still with Civil Service. Louisa has been speaking with Dennis Noncarrow. Dicky would like to ensure prompt follow-up by the town to get the position up and running.

The infrastructure priorities (Roads, Sidewalks, Rec. Path) are up to date and going as planned. Tim Patterson raised concerns about the island’s water pipes and stated roughly half the fire hydrants on Fishers Island are not up to standard. Chris Finan stated to fix the pipes would raise the rates and first the water source must contain quality water and then the focus can shift towards water distribution. Chris remarked piping in the fort area is 100 years old and there are numerous issues. There is a lot of old unknown parts underground. The piping and looping needs fixing, not the hydrants. New looping would increase water pressure. A study is required before it can be fixed and the project will cost millions. Chris wants to add filtration by this summer and stated the boards have contributed money. Tom asked Chris if the ICB can help to articulate a master plan. Chris said they first have to establish what the island would want to build for. Tom asked the infrastructure subcommittee to meet and further discuss this issue before the next meeting.

Waste Management
Greg Thibodeau will replace Tim Patterson as Waste Management representative. Tim will continue his involvement with the ICB. Tom asked Waste Management to have a presentation ready for the April 9 meeting. Greg stated he will meet with Sarah Malinowski first and that they might not be ready until the May 26 meeting.

Treasurers Report
Zack Hoch reported there is approximately $3300 in the ICB Checking Account. Zack submitted 75 hours from November 13-February 12. Tom urges the board to prepare for the 2018 fund drive.

Middle Farms Pond
There is no more swimming or boating permitted in Middle Farms Pond. Chris Finan stated the water is now contaminated. Middle Farms Pond is the island’s second water source after Barlow Pond and the water is not good. The Yankee Tree Company has been spotted pumping water from the pond. Twenty boats have been counted by the pond and no one knows where they came from and who they belong to. Ken Edwards asked about a well system. Chris stated there is enough water but a well could collapse if it is over-taxed and that could lead to salt water intrusion. The water above must be protected first and needs to become useable again. No fertilizers should be used within 150 feet of the water. Annual water usage is being monitored. Chris stated there are records for some private wells but it is unlikely activity is being reported to the DEC. Chris added the DEC could approve the old church well.

Adjourned 6:35 pm

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