ICB Minutes January 13, 2018

by Jane Ahrens

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ICB January Meeting Minutes
Saturday, January 13th, 2018
4:00 pm
Community Center

Directors Present: Tom O’ Neil (President), Candy Whitman (Year-Round), Tim Patterson (Waste Management), Ace Ahrens (Ferry District), Matt Edwards (Walsh Park), Tom Sargent (Conservancy), Christian Arsenault (School)

Public Present: Louisa Evans (Town Justice), Jane Ahrens (FishersIsland.net), Sarah Porter (FI Events), Pierce Rafferty, Bob Evans, Ken Edwards, Michelle Klimczak, Greg & Gail Cypherd, Amy Harris, Harry & Ellen Parker, Mere Doyen, Jim Reid

Directors On-Call: Dicky Riegel (Seasonal), Meg Atkin (Year-Round), Elizabeth McCance (Museum), John McGillian (FIDCO)

Staff Present: Zack Hoch (Administrator & Secretary)

Directors Absent: Willard Soper (Treasurer), Chris Finan (Utility Company), Nate Malinowski (Year-Round), Marc Rubenstein (IHP)

Approve Minutes for December 2017

Tom O’Neil greeted everybody in attendance and kicked off the meeting motioning to approve the December minutes. The board seconded.

Mission Statement

Tom O’ Neil requested the board to review the ICB’s mission statement.

Purpose:  The purpose of the Corporation is to promote the economic, civic and social welfare of the people of Fishers Island, New York. The Corporation shall endeavor to carry out its purpose by serving as a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the life of the Fishers Island community at regular open meetings, by prioritizing these issues and setting goals, and by developing and implementing action plans to address these issues and achieve these goals.  Such discussion and planning shall take place at annual and other periodic meetings of Members of the Corporation and at regular meetings of its Board of Directors, including open meetings attended by Members.  The activities and affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by its Board of Directors, which shall include representatives of the year-round and seasonal communities of Fishers Island and senior officials of the principal governmental bodies and not-for-profit and business organizations active on the Island and in a position to deal with such issues.  The Corporation shall also serve as the voice of the Fishers Island community to municipal, county, state and federal legislative and regulatory authorities.

Tom opened discussion requesting each board member to speak about if the ICB should be strictly a forum for discussion, or render an opinion on certain issues. Dicky Reigel stated ICB meetings are a place to propose ideas and then present them to Southold. John McGillian stated the ICB should express a community opinion. Louisa Evans agreed but wants to see more members of the community be involved and express their opinions. She stated there are issues not regarding the tax districts that need attention. Elizabeth McCance stated the ICB should work towards a community consensus. Tom Sargent wants the ICB to take stands on certain issues once a consensus is reached but understands it is difficult to get an opinion from everyone. Dicky stated the ICB should take a stand on needs rather than opinions and used the Utility Company housing needs as an example. John McGillian demands the ICB to reach out and inform the community more effectively. Ace Ahrens noted there have been some new faces at the monthly meetings. Candy Whitman says the meetings should be a place people can feel free to render an opinion and if the ICB garners community opinions more people will come to the meetings.

Tom O’ Neil asked community members in the audience to speak. Bob Evans would like the ICB to be a voice of the community highlighting unknown issues. He thinks more island entities should have representatives and that the ICB needs to gain the trust of the broader public. Ken Edwards stated some people can be sensitive towards certain opinions. Michelle Klimczak said not enough people care to attend the meetings. Mere Doyen suggested the ICB should have an office and that an office is key. People need a place to go and talk about island issues because some people will never attend a meeting. Mere commented the ICB has made huge strides since it began and also remarked the webpage (fishersisland.net) and the Foghorn are amazing.

2018 Priorities

Tom O’Neil opened the discussion about the ICB’s 2018 priorities. The first topic mentioned was affordable housing. Pierce Rafferty stated an affordable housing area can be created. He used the Utility Company as an example and noted the Planning Board approved the Briar Patch as a location for the Utility Company to build a multi-family unit for their employees. Pierce also said when additional affordable housing is created it will likely come from an island entity and not the ICB. Tom stated the ICB is a centralized place for island entities to check in with. John McGillian requested the ICB contact other island entities. Louisa stated more entities should have a member on the ICB, however, no entities are obligated to do so. Christian Arsenault suggested giving entities space and not requesting they share information until an idea is more complete. Any initiative will spark questions.

Candy Whitman requested healthcare be replaced by communications for the 2018 priorities. Independent people can now sign up for health insurance. Ace Ahrens gave a big thank you to Candy and Willard Soper for their efforts.

As for infrastructure, John McGillian stated that if privately funded, it is possible the island recreation path could be extended.

Island Administrative Position

Louisa Evans stated Southold is working with Civil Service to create a part-time administrative position for the ICB.

Closing Remarks

There are limited career and employment opportunities. Louisa Evans stated raises in costs do not come with a raise in pay. Harry Parker thinks the island should have a goal to add 10 people to the year-round population and add 2-3 housing units yearly. Gail Cypherd voted housing as the top island priority. The public has requested Middle Farms Pond be added to the February ICB meeting. Sarah Porter introduced the new Community Center Chef, Jonathan Haight who will be serving in the Island Café through April, at which point he moves to the Pequot kitchen for the summer. Wednesday will be the Café’s first night open.

Adjourned 6:00pm

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