Elizabeth McCance

President of the Board
, H.L. Ferguson Museum
Board Member, Hay Harbor Club
ICB Board Representative, H.L. Ferguson Museum

When did you first arrive on Island/how did you get here?

As a descendant of Henry Ferguson, I am a fifth generation Fishers Islander.

What are your favorite things to do on Fishers?

Visiting with family and friends, tennis, golf, sailing, nature walks – I love it all.

What does Fishers mean to you?

Fishers Island is a close knit community that cares deeply about each other and the place. It is wonderful to be a part of such a close and caring community. To me, Fishers Island means deep roots and relationships. It is freedom for my children and active yet peaceful rejuvenation for me.

About your job/store/business/non-profit:

The H. L. Ferguson Museum is an anchor institution of Fishers Island. Its mission is the collection, preservation, and exhibition of the archeological, cultural and natural history of Fishers Island. Through a variety of exhibits and programs, the Museum reminds us of our rich history and many natural assets, as well as educates the community on a variety of related topics. Additionally, through its Land Trust, the Museum preserves in perpetuity undeveloped properties in their natural state.

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