2016 Fishers Island Annual Report

January 2017

Dear Members of the ICB,

The Island Community Board, under its revitalized leadership, is endeavoring to function as an open and accessible forum for everything concerning our island. As we see it, one part of operating as such a forum is the consolidation and presentation of information in a clean and concise way.

Over the last year, we’ve heard from many in the community that they’d like the ICB to revive the practice of producing an Annual Report, similar to those published for many years by the Civic Association. The purpose of which is to give Islanders a basic resource and listing of the important work being done by so many volunteers, staff, and board members of the many independent FI organizations.

Attached, please find a copy of the ICB’s 2016 Fishers Island Annual Report.

Questions and comments about the report may be directed to ICB Representative Nate Malinowski at Nate.Malinowski@gmail.com.

Thank you,

The Island Community Board

2016 Fishers Island Annual Report (edited)

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ICB Board as of January 2016: Tom O’Neil, President; Zach Hoch, Administrator; Year-round representatives: Meg Atkin, Nate Malinowski, and Candace Whitman; Seasonal representatives: Tom O’Neil, Dicky Riegel, and Willard Soper; Organization Representatives: Joe Brock, FI Fire District; Karen Goodwin, FI School District; Ace Ahrens, FI Ferry District; Tim Patterson, Waste Management District;  Marc Rubenstein, Island Health Project; Matt Edwards, Walsh Park; Mark Gaumond, FIDCO; Chris Finan, FI Utility Co.; Elizabeth McCance, Ferguson Museum; Tom Sargent, FI Conservancy; Louisa Evans, Town Rep – Ex Officio.

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