Andrew Ahrens

aka Ace Ahrens

Real Estate Agent: Mystic Isle Realty
Sexton: St. John’s Church
Property Manager
Commissioner: Chair, Fishers Island Ferry District
Member: Fishers Island Fire Department and Secretary
Board Member: Fishers Island Conservancy

Fishers Island Library

When did you first arrive on Island/how did you get here?

We shared a house with a high school friend starting in the summer of 1980 and we just kept coming back every summer. We bought our own house in 2010 and now live on Fishers year round.

What are your favorite things to do on Fishers?

Go to the beach, golf, read, and stay busy.

What does Fishers mean to you?

I enjoy the whole show: the people, the ‘seasons’, the politics, the weather…and having our kids come visit.

Website Links:
Mystic Isle Realty
St. John’s Church
Fishers Island Ferry District

Fishers Island Library
Fishers Island Conservancy
Island Community Board

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