2017 Sanger Sea Stretcher Marathon was BIG!

by Jane Ahrens
5-Mile walkers and runners get ready at the Chocomount Road with starters Joe Brock and Penn Sanger.

Sunday, May 28th the island celebrated the Peter Sanger Sea Stretcher Marathon effort with 158 runners, their supporters, and donors raising nearly $20,000!

8,000.00 online donations so far this year
9,998.00 non pre-paid pledges*
 1,987.00 prepaid at the runners’ signup table

This substantial amount will go directly to maintaining
Sea Stretcher, Fishers Island’s ambulance boat. 

And, we all had a lot of fun!

Thank you to all the volunteers! Many different Fire Department members helped, as well as non-members including:

  • Scudder Sinclair and Peter Crisp who helped drive people (every year) to the start points.
  • Mary Ski and her helpers including Em Cashel who took care of the baked goods and refreshments for the runners.
  • Molly and Emma Cypherd, and Lydia Doucette, students at FI School helped.
  • FI School students Ellie Bloethe, Maddie Lusker, Christina Toldo, Anthony Toldo, and Constance Toldo ran in the race.

Fire Department members and other volunteers with specific jobs:

  • George Horning, 1-mile starter and post office traffic control
  • Joe Rogan, trophy ordering, and signage
  • Bruce Hubert, runner transportation, and 3-mile starter
  • Joe Brock, runner transportation, and 5-mile starter
  • Penn Sanger, runner transportation, and 5-mile starter
  • Courtney Allan and Bob Rogers – Rescue 3 fire truck crew, 8-mile starters, and following last runner
  • Chris Dollar, bus driver for runners
  • Jamie Doucette, van driver for runners
  • Gail Cypherd, runner transportation, and photographer
  • David Burnham, Sara Malinowski, and Andrew Kegarise for manning water stations
  • Janio Spinola traffic at Union Chapel
  • Carol Giles, Mary Pankiewicz, Chris Dollar, Tawnya Eastman, Jess Hall and Tracy Brock were signing in runners
  • Carol and Tawnya also helped with the timing of runners at the finish line
  • Dirk Harris sound system
  • Mary Pankiewicz, prepares and mails donation pledge invoices
  • Tom Doyen set up the Finish banner with the bucket truck
  • Tiggy Ski who takes care of all the online donation links and information.
  • Kandi Sanger and family for all the continued support, and her grandson Peter Sanger for presenting the winners with their trophies.

Many Fire Department members also worked to prepare the trucks for the Memorial Day parade Sunday afternoon and had an opportunity to show kids of all ages around the vehicles.

“There were so many helpers, which I am very grateful for, as it made the whole thing go as smoothly as possible. The funds raised is a substantial amount that will go right to maintaining Sea Stretcher.” ~ Dave Denison to whom we are all very thankful as he is the marathon’s lead organizer, volunteer, and Sea Stretcher Captain.

158 people and 1 dog registered to walk or run for the race.

Click any photo to see a larger image or scroll through the gallery.
Photo credit: Jane T. Ahrens
(Thanks for the ride in the truck Joe!)

The mile runner winners were:

Eleanor duPont and Rhett duPont: 1A mile (12 and under), from the Library
Sarah Gaillard Baldwin and Tim Hoch: 1B mile (over 12), from the Library
Constance Toldo and Nate Chaves: 3 mile for all ages, from Four Corners
Caroline Campbell and Zack Hoch: 5 mile for all ages, from Chomount Beach Road
Fe Ahrens and Dexter Benkard: 8 mile for all ages, from the Castle

*Pledge invoices will be created and mailed shortly. Again, many thanks to everyone!

Featured Photo

USCG Eagle passing the Race early morning March 18, 2023 on her return from the Chesapeake Bay . Photo Credit Marlin Bloethe

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