March 13, 2017 ICB Minutes

by sg22wpadmin

Monday, March 13th, 2017
Fishers Island Community Center, Multi-purpose room

Present in Room: Matt Edwards (Walsh Park), Louisa Evans (Town Justice), Sarah Porter (year-round), Chris Finan (Utility Company), Ace Ahrens (Ferry District), (Nate Malinowski (year-round), Meg Atkin (year-round), Tim Patterson (Waste Management), Michele Klimzak (year-round)

Directors on Call: Tom O’Neil (President), Willard Soper (seasonal), Elizabeth McCance (Museum)

Staff Present: Zack Hoch (Secretary)

Tom O’Neil opened the meeting on call taking note of those in attendance.

Approve Minutes
Tom O’Neil motioned to accept minutes from previous ICB meeting. Matt Edwards seconded, and the minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report
Willard Soper stated he has been in contact with Zack Hoch who gathered last year’s bank statements and a spread sheet listing current ICB members, contact information and payment contributions. Zack will continue to send Willard monthly statements as they are delivered and record membership checks received and deposited along with donations. Willard estimated roughly 480 current members according to the spread sheet; however it is unclear who has paid. Willard, Zack, Sarah Porter and Liz Burnham will collaborate to tidy up the spread sheet. The goal is to reach 750 members this spring.

Fund Drive
Tom O’Neil will write a letter announcing an island clean up over Memorial Day Weekend. The letter will include benefits of the ICB and explain goals and activity to achieve these goals. Tom, Willard, Sarah and Nate Malinowski will team up to assemble a package to enhance the fund drive. One example would be a family membership package. Louisa Evans would like committees within the ICB to become more known. The belief is that people will buy in if they have a participatory roll.

Sidewalk Petition
Matt Edwards stated the petition is receiving a lot of action on Facebook. The petition has received 244 signatures online and 40 on the physical petition. The petition must be signed before April 11, when Tom will present to the Town Board. Louisa only wants to receive pictures of damaged sidewalks. Over grown weeds and shrubs growing around and through the sidewalk are homeowners responsibilities; not the town’s. What can the ICB expect if the presentation goes well? Louisa stated we need to be specific on the sidewalks and would like asphalting money. Chris Finan questioned the next steps planned for the tax study and suggested circulating it to more people including the Town Board. Ace Ahrens suggested sending it out to the ICB but it should be kept within the board for now.

Meg Atkin stated the school system hired an attorney to meet with Walsh Park about building affordable housing on Fishers Island. With the school’s magnet program having more applicants than ever before, the school district can help with funding. Matt Edwards stated he would like to seek more unique ways of obtaining housing units. Though there is no specific goal for number of housing units, Matt reiterated their goal is to find housing for all year-round residents. There are still 6 applicants with no available housing. Matt stated they are looking to work with private entities as a way to benefit the school and community as a whole.

Sit & Chat Meeting Feb. 12th
Meg began the summary of the meeting by confirming 12 people attended. Free pizza was served in attempt to promote attendance. Barry Bryan met with NY State Attorney General’s Office about intentions of suing the EPA for permitting a dumping site close to Fishers Island. Appears the state will go ahead with the suit.

There was discussion about putting a bubble over the Hay Harbor swimming pool so students could have swimming lessons or possibly a school swim team. It cost about $2,500 to have swim lessons. Last time only 3 students signed up and income did not approach cost. In order to have a school swim team, there needs to be an Olympic size pool.

Concerns about the phone system, cell phone service and emails not being delivered were addressed. Chris Finan reacted to these concerns stating that recently incoming calls to several rural locations including Fishers Island were experiencing this problem due to least cost routing. This had been addressed by the FCC through hefty fines. The fines are levied on any long distance carrier still carrying on the practice. People experiencing this problem should note time of call, number of incoming call and phone carrier incoming call was made on, and report information to the telephone office. Chris distributed Trifold leaflet which is available at the telephone office explaining the issue and how to report it. It is essential customers report issues to the office so Fishers Island Telephone Company can be made aware and address the problem. Chris continued stating email bouncing and emails not going through are not likely a Fishers Island Telephone Corporation internet issue. Anyone experiencing such a problem should check their individual email server or computer. The telephone company is happy to help troubleshoot these issues, please call into the office to schedule a service call. There is an AT&T tower in the church steeple and there may be room for the addition of a Verizon tower. Tim Patterson stated Verizon has approached Waste Management about potentially adding a cell tower. Chris added landlines will have off-island caller ID by April.

Nate brought up concerns of a drug problem on Fishers Island. The problem is not so much marijuana but more hard drugs: heroin, meth, cocaine, and opium. Nate would like a way to be supportive and helpful to those seeking help without being judgmental or using law enforcement.

Meeting Dates

Tim Patterson noted no one from the Fire District can attend ICB meeting because the Fire District has their meeting at the same time. Sarah believes there should be fewer conflicts in the near future. Sarah, Zack and Nate will look ahead for future conflicts. Next meeting is scheduled for April 10th, at 5:30 in the community center conference room.

Meeting adjourned 6:51.

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USCG Eagle passing the Race early morning March 18, 2023 on her return from the Chesapeake Bay. Photo Credit Marlin Bloethe

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