February 13, 2017 ICB Minutes

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Island Community Board Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2017

Monday, February 13th, 2017
Fishers Island Community Center, Multi-purpose room

Directors Present in Room: Matt Edwards (Walsh Park), Candy Whitman (year-round), Louisa Evans (Town Justice), Sarah Porter (year-round), Chris Finan (Utility Company), Ace Ahrens (Ferry District), Jane Ahrens (year-round), Bob Evans (year-round), Nate Malinowski (year-round)

Directors on Call: Tom O’Neil (President), Dicky Riegal (seasonal), Willard Soper (seasonal), Mark Gaumond (FIDCO), Tom Sargent (Conservancy)

Staff Present: Zack Hoch (Secretary)

Tom O’Neil opened the meeting taking attendance of those present at the meeting. Tom then motioned to approved minutes from previous meeting. Minutes were approved.

Membership Drive
Willard Soper was introduced as the new Treasurer. He will be replacing Mark Gaumond. Willard opened stating the ICB hoped to raise $11,200 from various sponsors, organizations and independent donors. That goal was not reached. About $8,000 was raised with around $4,000 currently remaining. Ideas to increase budget include raising membership fees and contributions or adding family memberships for possibly $25 per family. Tom O’Neil suggested a sponsored island clean up over Memorial Day weekend and bundling that with the Annual Report. Candy Whitman agreed that weekend should be utilized and a beach or roadside clean up could be held after the Memorial day Parade. Tom Sargent suggested giving people the option to give more money when becoming a member. Mark Gaumond proposed emitting a letter to the community describing the accomplishments of the ICB. People would have the opportunity to donate through the letter. Mark stated the May letter last year raised $2,000.

Healthcare Update
Willard Soper stated he spoke with the Vice President of United Healthcare. The VP could help obtain a healthcare package for island residents but is not certain. The first step is creating a group of at least 15-20 people who are self-employed. Willard stated we must identify our group and demographics. The demographics could cause complications. Candy said recent changes in Obamacare might be friendly to acquire a healthcare package. Chris Finan suggested establishing a chamber of commerce which raised the question of who would be interested in joining. Candy will speak with Laurie Finan next week. Candy also stated that Angel Flight will allow physical therapists to fly to Fishers Island and people can use their own health insurance. Ace Ahrens stated the Ferry District would likely waive landing fees.

Walsh Park
Matt Edwards reported Walsh Park is in a good position financially but currently has a backlog of applicants. With 27 units, 6 applicants have no available housing. If the right situation presented itself, there is enough money in the budget to buy a house. When the question was asked if houses could be shared, Louisa Evans believes but is not certain someone renting a house can have housemates contributing towards rent and is unsure about legalities of renting a room when owning a house. This matter should continue to be investigated. Chris Finan suggested using fishersisland.net as a way to seek rooms for rent. Bob Evans would to see Walsh Park coordinate with the school and their housing units. Sarah Porter suggested utilizing some available lands to build multiple tiny houses.

Environmental initiatives
Tom Sargent is encouraging more open dialogue with Southold and would like quarterly meetings. With many interested parties the community must come to consensus with what to do with available land spaces. Marine debris continues to be removed on west end and the Conservancy is working with the DEC to preserve Eel Grass. Tom would like the ICB and Conservancy to come together for public good.

Island Priorities Status Report
Dicky Riegal created a flow chart demonstrating community priorities. The chart describes various ICB committee responsibilities, key resources, specific contacts, target due dates and committee plans to proceed. The flow chart was created to show that the ICB is on task and to make the community aware of ICB intentions and goals. To promote the ICB and increase membership drive, copies of the ICB meeting agenda will be posted on fishersisland.net and at the post office, ferry and grocery store. Candy Whitman proposed each committee set up at table at the Memorial Day Parade exhibiting goals and priorities.
Louisa Evans would like to make it known that if anyone has a complaint about any infrastructure (roads or sidewalks) issues she is the person to contact. Do not try to contact somebody from Southold. Chris Finan volunteered to take photographs of the poor sidewalk conditions and start up a petition in hopes to have repairs made. The petition will be dispersed to the public upon completion.

Election Planning
Tom O’Neil stated the ICB currently does not have a Vice President and needs one. People should email Tom a name for VP. Dicky Riegal says the annual meeting should become more formal and appointments need to be confirmed.

Next ICB meeting is the second Monday in March, 3-13-17 in the community center. Meeting adjourned at 6:40pm.

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