January 9, 2017 ICB Minutes

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Island Community Board Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2017

Monday, January 9th, 2017
Fishers Island Community Center, Multi-purpose room

Directors Present in Room: Meg Atkin (year-round), Matt Edwards (Walsh Park), Steve Malinowski (year-round), Tim Patterson (Waste Management), Candy Whitman (year-round), Karen Goodwin (School), Louisa Evans (Town Justice), Sarah Porter (year-round)

Directors on Call: Tom O’Neil (President), Dicky Riegal (seasonal), Willard Soper (seasonal), Mark Gaumond (FIDCO), Tom Sargent (Conservancy), Chris Finan (Utility Company)

Staff Present: Zack Hoch (Secretary)

Tom O’Neil opened the meeting on call taking note of those in attendance and then proceeded to the agenda.

Approve Minutes

Tom O’Neil moved to accept minutes from previous meeting; Saturday, November 26, 2016. Louisa Evans seconded and then the vote unanimously passed.

Tax Study

Tom O’Neil began the Tax Study conversation stating roads and sidewalks are prioritized but wants to discuss the open land spaces. The Conservancy currently manages 170 town-owned acres for the Ferry District. The land runs from the Race to the Parade Grounds. A plan for this land should be presented to the town.
Tom Sargent stated the Conservancy currently is 1 year into a 3 year contract to manage these grounds. The Conservancy has a $200,000 budget (self-raised) which has increased from $20,000 over the past 6 years. They want to enhance what has already been done on these grounds: control invasive species, remove debris and have land be made up of 100% native plants. Tom also wants to clean up, manage and maintain around the Access Road, which consists of 15-20 acres and re-landscape the Trooper property.
Steve Malinowski commented the museum owns 300 acres of land; approximately 15% of the island. Two summer interns surveyed land and gave advice on how it should be managed. Steve says they have a 10-11 person committee committed to maintain this land and suggested coinciding with the Conservancy. Tom Sargent agreed it is essential to learn the correct way to maintain the land and free it from invasive species while keeping land open to the public.
Louisa Evans seeks the opinion of the island residents on how this land can be used. She suggested long-term leases or sales with covenants and added if we want to keep land in island control it must be kept within island organizations.
Other than roads and sidewalks, Tom O’Neil sought ideas on how Southold can help us most and the ICB should bundle a wish list to present to Scott Russell. Marc Gaumond suggested giving some land to the Conservancy. Louisa Evans recommended getting the Ferry District involved. Karen Goodwin would like to see each sub-committee meet. She stated that Walsh Park would like to make proposals to the town.
Tom O’Neil proposed sub-committees to summit their priority lists to Zack within a week, but the directors agreed they need more time. Sub-committees will assemble their priority lists and discussion will resume next meeting.

Healthcare Update

Candy Whitman stated there has been movement but no progress for obtaining a healthcare package for island residents. One problem is we do not have the statistics or demographics to provide the Department of Health when they request information. She stated that if we had a representative with a bigger name title it would be easier to catch the ears of healthcare companies. Willard Soper wants to approach a large healthcare company in hopes of obtaining a group healthcare package for island residents. He will meet with a healthcare representative in New York next week.

George Horning’s Position

Louisa Evans stated the Board is currently collecting resumes to fill George Horning’s position. It is essential for the position to be filled by a Fishers Island resident and someone who knows the land. George has the desire to keep the position and could be re-elected. The Board is searching for qualified applicants. Louisa is in support of re-elected George. Tom O’Neil and Louisa will draft a letter of support for George. The position will be posted on fishersisland.net and resume deadline is January 20th.

Closing Statements

Tom O’Neil aspires to have 1,000 ICB members by summer. He suggests solicitation for membership. The ICB seeks ideas and opinions from islanders and wants to see the public in attendance of meetings. The meeting agenda will now be posted on fishersisland.net prior to every meeting.

Discussion broke out about poor road conditions after the weekend snow. On Monday the roads were unsafe and sidewalks were not shoveled. Karen Goodwin is concerned about the safety of her students as those walking to school had to share the road with cars and trucks during unsafe conditions. Louisa Evans stated that it is the home-owners responsibility to shovel sidewalks in front of their property. Louisa will send out a memo to highway superintendent, Vinny Orlando expressing these concerns.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45pm.

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