American Legion: Call for Members and VA Choice Info

by Jane Ahrens

January 26, 2017

Dear Members of the American Legion and Veterans:

The Legion’s new night for meetings is the first Thursday of the month, meaning the next meeting will be Thursday, February 2 at 5:30 pm. We have a lot of things on the immediate agenda, including nominating and formally installing our officers.

If your membership is associated with the New York State chapter, please consider filling out the paperwork to transfer your membership to the Alfred R. Grebe Post 1045. Tim Patterson, Post Adjutant, can provide the paperwork as well as accept your annual dues of $35. If you can’t arrange to meet up with Tim, please just drop your dues off at the bar, and manager Deb Doucette will coordinate with Tim.

If you are a veteran associated with Fishers Island, please consider joining the Fishers Island post and actively helping with our mission.

This winter, I was able to work with Lee of the Newington VA to establish myself as the first veteran in the Connecticut system to qualify for VA Choice under the 40-mile distance rule, which includes excessive travel burdens such as ferries and planes. As I don’t have private health insurance, this would allow me to call HealthNet (the VA’s partner for non-VA appointments) to schedule non-specialty appointments with Island Health Project, rather than travel to the New London VA clinic. Di Shillo, IHP practice manager, is working with me and our VA Choice contacts in the Newington VA to ensure that HealthNet will accept Dr. Ingram as a Choice provider. Any veterans interested in discussing this further are welcome to find me at the Community Center.

Liz Burnham
Commander, Post 1045

(607) 279-0178

Tim Patterson
Post Adjutant, Post 1045
(860) 908-0686

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