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April 16, 2016     Whitney W. Johnson and Mary Helen Perkins in Charlottesville, VA

May 26, 2016      Jamie Brim and Lucya Koroleva in Napa Valley, CA

May 29, 2016      Matthew Rafferty and Corinna Hummel in London, England

June 4, 2016       Leslie Walker Hotchkiss and Samuel Cooper Hayes in Grafton, VT

June 4, 2016       Kristin Loiselle and Devon Rich in Costa Rica

June 4, 2016       Rachel Soper and Nathan Sanders in Boca Grande, FL

June 11, 2016      Alex Briggs and Brett-Ashley DeBay in Agawam, MA

June 11, 2016      Bart Helfet and Nancy Murphy by Beano’s Cabin in Beaver Creek, CO

June 11, 2016      Christina van Hengel and Charles Miller on Fishers Island, NY

June 11, 2016      Scott Lamb and Ariana Roselip in Stowe, VT

June 25, 2016     Marilyn Mullen and Brad Pierce in North East, MD

July 29, 2016      Kate Shillo and Nicholas Beardsley on Fishers Island, NY

August 6, 2016   Charles Parsons and Samantha Peterson Parsons at Hudson Gardens in Denver, CO

September 17, 2016    Katharine Sargent and James Hogan in Norwich, VT

September 24, 2016   Matt Reale and Jenna Long Reale at Valley Country Club, Warwick, RI

October 15, 2016         James (Jake) Guimaraes and Anna Jarashow, Brooklyn, NY

October 28, 2016        Matthew Skinner and Danielle Murray in Deep River, CT

November 12, 2016    Casey Cook and Erik Waldin in Palm Beach, FL

November 27, 2016    Logan Wasley and Melissa Joseph in St. Lucia

Photo Credits:
Charles and Samantha Parsons: Julianne Brasher Photography

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