Urgent request of Island parents re: your children’s health insurance

Hearing from all parents means we can present a complete picture and helps us fight our case.

The NY Department of Health has been in touch recently wanting to know the number of island children who have health insurance and how many do not, with some other details. Once they have this information, we can begin to work with them on obtaining access to CT pediatricians for all our island children.

I know it is a busy time of year, but it would be extremely helpful if parents would take a minute to email me the following information:

– Whether you have insurance for your child/children and if so, the name of the insurance company you use.  How did you obtain this insurance? Do you have a pediatrician and if so, where is the doctor located?

– Whether your children are on Medicaid, or on CHP (Child Health Plus).  If so, what is the name of the CHP insurance company? Do you have a pediatrician and if so, where is the doctor located?

– Please also email me if you do not have insurance for your kids right now, and a few words about why not, and how you obtain care when needed.

All emails will be kept strictly confidential.

“Children” includes young adults still on their parents’ plans.

Thank you for your patience with us as we try to obtain resolutions. Progress is slow, but we are persistent! Your prompt reply helps us help you! Deadline would be this Friday, December 9, 2016 at 10:00 am.

Thank you,
Rev. Candace Whitman

Candy Whitman is a Year-round Representative on the Fishers Island Community Board (ICB) and has worked tirelessly to access healthcare for Island residents. All the assistance with information we as residents can supply to her is very helpful and very important in order to get changes made and/or figure this massive issue out.

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