Boat Storm Tips from FIYC

by Jane Ahrens

As storm season is well under way, there is potential for a Nor’easter around Monday, September 5. We will continue to be checking in frequently with Commanders’ Weather Corporation and will keep you all posted if there will be a real threat for the race on Saturday.

Below are our Top Ten Storm Tips: 

1) Check your mooring bridles for any chafe, and be sure to have chafe gear where the bridles might have friction.

2) Remove all anchors from bow sprits to prevent chafing.

3) Be sure your vessel is in good overall working condition and that your insurance is up to date.

4) Stow all loose gear (dinghys, canvas, etc.)

5) Remove roller furling head sails and be sure the mainsail is lashed well. If you have a roller furling head sail, after sailing each day, be sure there is no slack in the furling line or the jib sheets. Cleat the furling line securely and consider having one jib sheet led aft and tight, with the second jib sheet led forward and down to add leech tension to prevent the head sail from becoming unfurled in high winds.

6) Have enough backstay tension on to stabilize the mast from pumping.

7) Secure your tiller or wheel with line. Do not rely on the wheel break.

8) If your boat is moored at a non-floating dock, be sure to have enough slack in your lines so that the boat will ride properly. It also never hurts to have someone check your lines at high tide, low tide, and in storm conditions if possible.

9) If your boat is on a mooring, it is prudent to occasionally do a backdown and stretch out your mooring chain while tied to the mooring in the direction opposite of the storm force winds. This will help prevent dragging and keep your chain from wrapping.

10) It is always important to have your contact information for emergencies up to date with our online database, so please contact the FIYC office if you have a change in contact information.

Thank you,

FIYC Staff

Featured Photo

USCG Eagle passing the Race early morning March 18, 2023 on her return from the Chesapeake Bay . Photo Credit Marlin Bloethe

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