ICB Meeting Minutes: January 18, 2016

by Jane Ahrens

January 18, 2015, 10 am
Working Session (closed to the public)
Fishers Island Community Center, Conference Room

Directors present, in the room: Heather Burnham (year-round), Matthew Edwards (Walsh Park), Tom O’Neil (seasonal/President), Dicky Riegel (seasonal), Marc Rubenstein (IHP), Candace Whitman (year-round).

Directors present, on the phone: Chris Finan (Utility Co.), Mark Gaumond (FIDCO), Harry Parker (Ferry Dist.).

Directors absent: Peter Brinckerhoff (seasonal), Joe Brock (Fire Dist.), Louisa Evans (Town Justice, ex officio), Karen Goodwin (School Dist.), Nate Malinowski (year-round), Tim Patterson (Waste Mgmt. Dist.).

Staff present: Elizabeth Burnham (Secretary)

  1. At 10:05, President Tom O’Neil opened the meeting and welcomed those in attendance. There not being a quorum immediately present, discussion moved to the Finance Committee’s timeline for securing financing for 2016.
  2. The Board confirmed its approval of the Finance Committee’s plans, including its dues thresholds, as voted upon at the November 28, 2015, meeting.
  3. With one-third of the directors present, including at least one seasonal and one year-round director, a quorum was established. Heather Burnham moved to accept the minutes from November 28, 2015 without amendment, Harry Parker seconded, and in a unanimous voice vote, the motion passed.
  4. At 10:35, the Board moved into a closed working session to establish its 2016 goals.
  5. At 11:45,there being no further business to discuss, President Tom O’Neil moved the Board out of its working session and adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Burnham

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