December Gardening 2015

by Jane Ahrens

Dec-Gardening-2015-IMG_3468-480sgFrom Mélie’s Garden

It is holiday time again, which is hard to believe with the warm weather, but Christmas is just around the corner according to the calendar. So I was thinking about what gifts a gardener would like to receive from Santa this year and came up with the following things for a stocking.

The Gardener’s Christmas Stocking

Dandelion Weedier – a long hand tool that is handy to get out long roots.

Cobra Weedier – a curved headed tool that gets weeds between cracks.

Nejiri Gama Hoe – a small Japanese hand hoe with a sharp triangular blade, which is the best cultivating tool I have.

Surveyor’s Tape – this red tape is great for marking vines you want to go back and kill after clearing underbrush.

Green Plastic Tape – is very handy to tie roses to a trellis or tomatoes to a support.

Clear Plastic Tape – crisscross this tape across the top of a vase to create a grid to hold flowers in place.

Fiskars Pruning Shears – they are the best, easy on arthritic hands and wrists.

Ikebana Scissors – very sharp Japanese flower arranging scissors.

Nitrile Gloves – the best gardening gloves I have found, they are strong but lightweight.

Seeds – early varieties like sweet peas, spinach, sugar snap peas and lettuce.

Stenographer’s Note Book & Pen – my favorite type of pad to take notes on in the garden. My whole life is organized on a stenographer’s pad – maybe that is because both my husband and I had stepmothers who were secretaries…

And finally, a fifty-dollar bill, which John added to the photo of the stocking saying, “It takes money to garden. You are always wanting to buy something to put in it!”

Merry Christmas everyone!

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