45th H.O.G. Tournament Recap

by Jane Ahrens
2015 HOG Aerial View by Bobby Parsons

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Island Health Project (IHP) hosted the 45th HOG Tournament at the Fishers Island Club this Labor Day Sunday. Net proceeds from the tournament support medical care for all Fishers Island residents and visitors through the Island Health Project.

The idea for the tournament on Labor Day weekend was hatched at the Harbor Bar in 1969 (hence the name Harbor Open Golf, better known as the HOG). The game format has remained the same – 4 clubs and a putter per team – but it has grown exponentially over the ensuing 45 years!

What a fantastic day for golf and fun in support of the Island Health Project! 24 teams of 6 players played this year. Thank you to all who participated and supported the 2015 HOG Tournament.


At the parade, Scudder Sinclair paid tribute on this 45th HOG Anniversary to the tournament founders.

Judges, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, and hoggers – we greet you on this blessed day – a day of many celebrations, inappropriate costumes, dressed carts, flags flying, missed and made putts, and sprayed drives across this sacred ground – a momentous and cherished day we call the HOG!

These men – or large children – that stand before you, came to pay their deepest respects. They stand in tribute to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Harbor Open Golf tournament – a wonderful day that for many decades has stood the test of time to support the Island Health Project. They stand here in the great costumes that have walked this great parade ground.

We celebrate the founders of this event and the early teammates who cared more about the good natured fun and pranks than who shot the lowest score. Men like Artie Pratt, Peter Pochna, Tony Duke, Lee Hanley,  Sam Yonce, Peter Crisp, and many others. And last, but most importantly, they stand here to pay deep tribute to a man who truly embodied the spirit of this tournament, Frank Kernan. In his honor this group has recreated some of the greatest costumes of Frank and his hogmates from over the years – costumes that only Frank and his team could get away with…

So let’s all please give a cheer to Frank Kernan and the men who made the HOG the HOG!!

Photos by Susie and Bobby Parsons, Jane Gray and Jane Ahrens.
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Overall Results
“Most Improved Parade” Bob Warden, John Lombardi, Jeff MacDonald, Ben Strong Mark Shafir and Dave Burnham
“Best Spaceship” Marten Van Hengel, Geordie Loveday, Josh Parsons, Greg Cypherd, Chris Finan and Charles Smith
“Most Likely to Look Like Costume in 50 Years” Arthur Anthony, Ashton Harvey, David Walker, Alex Ochse, Win Rutherfurd and Peter Breining
“Best Escape” Nick Ogden, Jason Weida, Sales Braga, Tom Collingham, Mike duPont and Brent Armstrong 

IHP Board President Susie Parsons took a moment to thank the following individuals: “HOG Co-chairs, Reyn and Elizabeth duPont; Becca and Chad Bartels for the tee sponsors; Dr. Chris Ingram and Di Shillo and staff in the office; Dan Colvin and his whole golf staff; Pat and Stefan Schiestl and the whole club staff; all the girls who worked on holes #2, 8 and 12; my friends and IHP board members for helping sell merchandise; Cecil and Linda Lyon of The Leatherman and Eliza B for their kind donation of merchandise to sell; and to all the HOG players and all the tee sponsors! Special thanks to Jim and Diane Baker for their donation of an 1882 US Coast Guard geodetic survey map of the island. It was auctioned off for the benefit of the IHP.”

Golf Awards:
Longest Drive – Tim Brown
Closest to the Pin – Nick Spofford
Bartol Award – Nishan Vartanian

Net Golf
1st Place: Teddy Harrington, Dicky Riegel, Chip Pollard, Chris Edwards, Kent Sednaoui & P.B. Weymouth 50.5
2nd Place: Tim Brown, Joe Pagliarulo, Bill Schaefer, Peter Todd, Jim Lefebure & Steve Leblanc 52
3rd Place: Robert Bailey, Andrew Fulham, Wiley Wilson, Galvin McCourt, Mark Scalrse & Will Ahmed 53

The 2016 HOG will be chaired by Bob and Margaret Warden and the date is Sunday, September 4.

Featured Photo

USCG Eagle passing the Race early morning March 18, 2023 on her return from the Chesapeake Bay . Photo Credit Marlin Bloethe

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