2015 Judo Awards


The Spring Judo Celebration at FIS was a huge success
as students created obstacle courses and practiced their throws.

The following awards were distributed:

Thaddeus Allen- Nikyu Senior 2nd Brown Belt
Emma Cypherd- Nikyu Senior 2nd Brown Belt
Nicholas Oickle- Gokyu Senior Orange Belt
Frederick Toldo- Gokyu Senior Orange Belt
Jackson Eastman- Purple Stripe
Lydia Doucette- Blue Belt
Meg Allen- Green Belt
Ashley Morrell- Green Belt
Elizabeth Bloethe- Green Stripe
Benjamin Edwards- Green Stripe
Arabella Hatfield- Orange Belt
Lillian Kane- Orange Belt
Constance Toldo- Orange Belt

Congratulations to all Judo participants and thank you to Sensei Egnor for his continued dedication to FIS.

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