January 11, 2014  Alexandra Geddes Parsons and Mark Edwin Andrews IV, New York, NY

February 8, 2014  Amory Armstrong and Billy Kenny, New York, NY

May 3, 2014  Kevin G. Carroll and Gillian Burns Carroll, Compton, MD

May 17, 2014  Jennifer Edwards and Matthew Bruner, Ashford, CT 

May 30, 2014  Abbe Grimes and Scott Montaldo, New Rochelle, NY

June 14, 2014  Julie Guire and Michael McGeeney, Fishers Island, NY

June 14, 2014  Sarah Graves and Avery Scoville, Chester, VT

June 21, 2014  Sarah Roberts and Chester Hall, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

July 12, 2014  Sara Merrihew and Randolph Hunter LamereChapel Island, Saranac Lake, NY

August 15, 2014  Amanda Edwards McRight and Michael Sheffield KernanNew Castle, NH

August 16, 2014  Helen Elliot Rogers and Alexander Frederick Logemann, Keystone Ranch, CO

September 6, 2014   Charlotte Read Taylor and Menno Goedman, Fishers Island, NY

September 28, 2014 Catherine Elizabeth Guimaraes and Richard Paul Hoggard, Fishers Island, NY

December 23, 2014 Thayer Tolles Rogers and Theodore O. Rogers, New York, NY

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