ICB O’Neil Letter to the Fishers Island Community

by Jane Ahrens

October 2014

The Island Community Board is pleased to announce that Tom O’Neil has been elected President following long time leader John Spofford’s resignation at the Columbus Day meeting. As we head into a time of rebuilding for the ICB, it is important to acknowledge all that John has done for the ICB and the Fishers Island Community. The results of the Hamlet Study and the Yale Study, both commissioned under John’s tenure give us some great building blocks to focus on and move forward from. Some of the results will be great starting points for conversations that should include all members of the island community about what the future holds for Fishers Island.

Dear Fishers Island Community,

When the ICB began, it was intended to be an open forum that allowed for centralized and strategic conversation among prominent civic and business organizations on the Island and the Island community at large. As a group, we are committed to getting back to that model with regularly scheduled meetings and an opportunity for all to participate. As president, I am initially charged with getting our elections back on track and rebuilding our membership ranks. We want to make sure that we have a representative and committed board of individuals who want to serve the Island community. We also want to make sure that we have a proper meeting structure and forum set up to create and address the greater community goals.

Currently our ICB Board is comprised of the following members:

Organizational Representatives:
FIDCO – Mark Gaumond
FI Ferry District – Harry Parker
FI Fire District – TBD
FI School District – Sara McLean
FI Utility Company – Chris Finan
FI Waste Management District – Tim Patterson
IHP – Mark Rubenstein
Walsh Park – Ken Edwards

Elected Representatives:
Seasonal – Peter Brinckerhoff
Seasonal – Peter Gaillard
Seasonal – Tom O’Neil

Year Round – Heather Burnham
Year Round – Patty Faulkner
Year Round – Stephanie Hall

Ex Officio – Louisa Evans

Over the coming weeks, you will be hearing more from me about elections, our goals and what we are working on as a group. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly tomwendy@roadrunner.com or email our secretary Jamie Doucette at ficommunityboard@gmail.com.

We are also working with Jane Ahrens to update the ICB section of fishersisland.net. We hope this section on our community website can be used to share information about our efforts.

I look forward to working with all of you to improve and strengthen our island community.

Thank you,

Tom O’Neil

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