Fishers 400th Anniversary: A Block Buster!

by Jane Ahrens

It has been 400 years since Captain Adriaen Block discovered Fishers Island in 1614 as he sailed the East coast, coastal rivers and the New Netherlands.

The Fishers Island community celebrated the anniversary on Saturday, August 9 with a Block Party at the Community Center.  The event was attended by more than 200 Fishers Islanders who enjoyed pizza from the Rolling Pizza Truck, tunes by Rollin the DJ, the Children’s Art Exhibit, games for children on the tennis courts, finger food c/o our guests, visiting the Touch a Truck vehicles, the delicious cake, and talking with their FI neighbors and friends!

Special Thanks to…

All the children who entered a piece in the
“What Does Fishers Island Mean to Me” Children’s Art Exhibit

“What Does Fishers Island Mean to Me” Children’s Art Exhibit Judges:
Susie Ferguson,
 Louise Gaumond, Nate Malinowski, Pierce Rafferty, and Beth Stern.

The FI School Student Volunteers (Children’s Games Leaders):
Ellie Clark, Emma Cypherd, Molly Cypherd, AJ Eastman,
Devin Kuscera, Hunter Kuscera, Mitchell Kuscera, and Craig Mrowka.

Touch a Truck Exhibitors:
FI Waste Management Wayne Doucette and Annette Tourangeau
with the backhoe and front loader.

FI Fire Department’s Ambulance
with volunteer EMTs Tracy Brock and Tawyna Eastman

FI Fire Department’s Fire Truck
with volunteer firemen Joe Brock, Bruce Hubert and Bob Rogers

Celebration Bartenders:
Rob Goodwin, David Burnham, Jim Reid and Ace Ahrens

Parking Attendants:
Gardner Crary and Garnett Reid

400th Anniversary Hosts:
Island Community Center, FIDCO, Sanger Fund, Ferguson Museum,
Fire District, FIWMD, FI School, IPP, Island Concerts, the Conant Family,
Lighthouse Works, FI Library, and FI Community Members

And organizers Elizabeth Reid, Karen Goodwin, Heather Burnham, and Jane Ahrens

Featured Photo

USCG Eagle passing the Race early morning March 18, 2023 on her return from the Chesapeake Bay . Photo Credit Marlin Bloethe

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