TBT: Topper’s 1000th Dog Bowl

by Jane Ahrens

With the 2014 opening of Topper’s, celebrating 20 years this summer, we thought this would be timely!


L-R Ted Ahrens, Sofie Malinowski, Eliza Brauns, Lizzy Brim, Colin Brauns and Logan Wasley.
Photo Credit: Topper’s Ice Cream

1000th Doggie Bowl Sundae!!!

Topper's Summer 2000 Statistics

Topper’s Summer 2000 Statistics

Reprinted from the Fishers Island Gazette, Fall 2000

Topper’s Ice Cream opened its doors in 1994 and very soon became part of the Island fabric. Customers routinely and patiently wait in line on warm summer evenings for one of the 41 flavors distributed in creative “canine” combinations.

Since the beginning, there has been the Neapolitan Mastiff Sundae, served in a plastic doggie bowl, hence the more common name, “doggie bowl sundae.” Any group brave enough to tackle the six scoops of ice cream, two sauces, two candy toppings, whipped cream, sprinkles, cherries and bone cookies has had a Polaroid picture taken and tacked to the wall.

Owner Liz Furse announced that on July 29 Topper’s sold its 1000th doggie bowl sundae to the happy crew in the photo. “The lucky group not only enjoyed their sundae free of charge but also received T-shirts, buttons and gift certificates to mark the occasion,” Ms. Furse said. “Thanks to everyone who has ever indulged in these sundaes, and thank you to these six kids who were good sports about the surprise.”

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