Pierce Rafferty

Director: Henry L. Ferguson Museum
Board Member: Town of Southold Planning Board

When did you first arrive on Island?

I first came as a summer resident when I was six months old in 1953. I remained an active summer resident through the 1960s, but then was generally absent, visiting on occasion, through the 1970s. I began to return to Fishers in the early 1980s when I moved to Manhattan. I became a year-round resident in 2002 after purchasing the former Webel house on Avenue B in December 2001.

What is your favorite thing to do on Fishers?

Slightly obsessive historical research is a favorite activity. Much of my private time is focused on discovering new facets of Fishers Island’s history.

About your organization:

Everyone should visit the Museum. The 2013 Race Rock Light exhibit will be up until mid-June 2014. The main exhibition in 2014 will document the history of transportation to Fishers Island from war canoes to turboprops with a focus on the many ferries that have served the Island since the 1870s.

H.L. Ferguson Museum

Featured Photo

USCG Eagle passing the Race early morning March 18, 2023 on her return from the Chesapeake Bay . Photo Credit Marlin Bloethe

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