Pierce Rafferty

Rafferty-Pierce-243x300Director: Henry L. Ferguson Museum
Board Member: Town of Southold Planning Board

When did you first arrive on Island?

I first came as a summer resident when I was six months old in 1953. I remained an active summer resident through the 1960s, but then was generally absent, visiting on occasion, through the 1970s. I began to return to Fishers in the early 1980s when I moved to Manhattan. I became a year-round resident in 2002 after purchasing the former Webel house on Avenue B in December 2001.

What is your favorite thing to do on Fishers?

Slightly obsessive historical research is a favorite activity. Much of my private time is focused on discovering new facets of Fishers Island’s history.

About your organization:

Everyone should visit the Museum. The 2013 Race Rock Light exhibit will be up until mid-June 2014. The main exhibition in 2014 will document the history of transportation to Fishers Island from war canoes to turboprops with a focus on the many ferries that have served the Island since the 1870s.

H.L. Ferguson Museum

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