BIRTHS: 2012

by Jane Ahrens

January 17, 2012         Adrian Michael Malinowski to Peter and Ghislaine Malinowski

January 28, 2012         Clementine Andrews duPont to Reyn and Elizabeth duPont

March 4, 2012             George Hudson O’Brien to Bryce and Samantha (Jones) O’Brien

March 21, 2012           Warner Rutherfurd Talamo to Lupo and Emily (Parsons) Talamo

March 23, 2012           Finnie Pearl Simmons to Dennis and Katie (Lamb) Simmons

April 6, 2012                August Dwyer Rice to Ethan and Ellie (Dwyer) Rice

April 5, 2012                Zoya Scarlett Ridgway to Shaudy and Stuart Ridgway

April 20, 2012              Lucy Ross Trippe to Stacey and Stett Trippe

May 3, 2012                Porteus Stone Cameron to Pamela and David Cameron

May 21, 2012              Connor William Barnwell to Sara (Strife) and Mike Barnwell

May 25, 2012              Maia Angela Gello to Yaritza and Glen Gello

May 26, 2012              Ryland Rafferty Flynn Mehta to Caroline (Lamborn) and Zubin Mehta

May 27, 2012              Charles Matthew Doyen to Meredith (Harr) and Tommy Doyen

June 3, 2012               Lucy Hyde Corcoran to Eloise (Patterson) and Neil Duncan Corcoran

June 27, 2012             John Henry (Jack) Pinschmidt and Leah Catherine Pinschmidt to Ellen McCance and Patrick Pinschmidt

July 30, 2012               Rigby Locke McLean to Vanessa and Stuart McLean

October 18, 2012        Oliver Reed to Laird and Joy (de Menil) Reed

October 31, 2012        Charles Robert Bartels to Chad and Becca (Parsons) Bartels

November 3, 2012       Emily Susan Smith to Drew and Ashley (Brinckerhoff) Smith

November 27, 2012     William Townsend Reed to William and Amy Reed

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USCG Eagle passing the Race early morning March 18, 2023 on her return from the Chesapeake Bay . Photo Credit Marlin Bloethe

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