Walsh Park Buildings: Vacancy Filled

Walsh Park has two buildings available.

DSC_0014-Walsh-Park-Store-Front-660x330A commercial space available to rent.  Main room is approximately 30’ x 23’ and the space is about 500 sq. feet with a 1/2 bathroom.  The property is located on Montauk Ave.

The first four interior photos start at the front door and go around clockwise. The last two are of a small room, to the left of the front door (from inside the main room), about 5.5 feet wide and 11.5 feet long but tapers to a point after about 7 feet. The walls of the main room have many angles, but is approximately 30’ x 23’. The back room has a 1/2 bath with and a deep sink in the bigger room which measures, at the longest walls, about 8’ x 14’ including the bathroom and a similar size bump on another wall.


A house available to rent.  Recently updated.  4 bedroom with 2 ½ bath and located on Montauk Ave.


All interested parties can email Walsh Park at info@walshpark.org for an application.

For more information about Walsh Park Benevolent Corporation please visit http://www.walshpark.org

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