Supporting the Sea Stretcher

Hi Fishers Island Friends,

It’s just over a week until the Sea Stretcher Memorial Day Marathon and we do hope many of you will be on the Island to join in the race day festivities on Sunday 26th of May.

Please consider making a donation or pledging to support somebody who is participating in the race.


The Sea Stretcher runs solely on volunteers and donations, it gets no funding from Southold and is the lifeline for getting somebody with a medical emergency to the hospital.

Last year the Sea Stretcher made 33 runs and had lots of maintenance and repairs to keep it to the high level that is needed for a life-saving ambulance boat.

There were many new EMT’s that went through the extensive EMT training and all the crew continue to rotate 24/7 to respond to any Island emergency.

The running costs for this service are high, but saving a life is priceless!

Thank you so much for your continued support.

All the Sea Stretcher Crew and Fire Department volunteers

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