Summer Intern Position for FICC and FFIT

Summer Internship: The Fishers Island Community Center and Friends of the Fishers Island Theater are looking for a highly motivated and energetic individual.

At the Community Center: The summer intern position is an opportunity to learn about the tools the Community Center uses daily for marketing, sales, funding, risk management, and administrative purposes. The intern must be prepared to perform different tasks for several programs simultaneously, which may even include coordinating an entire program from scratch. The intern will work closely with both the Director and the Membership Director but will also have the opportunity to pursue their own initiative and goals throughout the internship. Necessary skills and personal traits for the position include Microsoft Office, social media proficiency, enthusiasm, friendliness, and willingness to learn. Desired skills include familiarity with WordPress and photography/film, and the ability to multi-task.

The summer season has the busiest schedule of programs and events, and so the intern must be ready to represent the Community Center as soon as they walk in the door. The position is about 20 hours per week with hourly pay.

At the Fishers Island Theater: The Theater is looking for someone who can handle technology, time management, and an audience full of fun. The practical portion of this position involves learning to operate a digital projector, selling tickets, cleaning up the theater, and calculating revenue, but the more valuable qualities to have are being sociable, communicative, and hospitable. The manager will supervise ticket/refreshment booth staff, but will also see many of the same customers, which means that the public may approach the manager as the host for the FI Theater.

Movies are shown three nights per week, and the manager will also help coordinate and oversee several special events, such as concerts, talent shows, and one-off film screenings. The process of downloading the movies into the projector and the calculation of tickets sold that must be sent to the film studio adds up to a little extra time beyond each screening. The position expects eleven hours per week, but the majority of that involves playing the movie, during which time the manager must be prepared to act in case the projector malfunctions.

The combined hours for these positions is 30 to 40 hours a week and pay is hourly. The summer intern position is designed to be filled by a college-age student.

For an application, please contact Liz Burnham or Sarah Porter at the Fishers Island Community Center: or (631) 788.7638.

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