The Stripers are Running!

Burke-Striper-20140803_072153-600SQFishers Island fisherman and personal chef Ed Burke has been fishing right from Isabella Beach and recently hooked the big one.  Among several large fish caught this summer was his 54.3-pound striped bass!  An early morning gift from the sea.

Ed shared one of his favorite, and simple, recipes:


Burke’s Whole Striper Recipe

1 whole striper (completely in tact – head, tail and scales – right out of the sea)
2 boxes Kosher salt
12 egg whites
2 lemons, sliced
Herbs of choice

Mix salt and egg whites to a wet “beach sand” consistency. Place ¼” of the mixture on cookie sheet. Place whole striper on mixture. Cover with lemon slices and herbs. Place remaining mixture to completely cover whole fish. Bake in 350˚ oven for 45 minutes. Remove from oven and break top of salt dome. Peel top layer of skin off and serve whole on cookie sheet. Meat will just fall off the bone.


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