Some days I just love my job…

… from writing grant applications to chasing horseshoe crabs at Dock Beach.

By Jane T. Ahrens, Editor,
May 29, 2018

Today the planets aligned and I received all the documents we need to complete a grant application to (hopefully) assist in funding the workings of and the Fog Horn…and the full moon at 10:15 pm presented the perfect opportunity to search for spawning horseshoe crabs – over 75 spotted and 9 tagged by FI School students Constance Toldo and Jack Morrissey tonight at Dock Beach!

Fishers Island School Science Teacher Carol Giles is a trained site coordinator for the tagging program conducted under the authority of the Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956. She also coordinates, over sees, and teaches the Early College Experience Oceanography class. Of the 10 FI School students enrolled in Oceanography, 6 take the college level course and are required to attend at least 2 tagging sessions as part of their lab credit for which they receive 4 UConn credits.

Click any photo to see larger images. 

Tonight at Dock Beach the students spotted a previously tagged horseshoe crab and confirmed they had tagged #311239 in 2014. As Carol remarked, “They do come back!”

To learn more about tagging horseshoe crabs, read this 2014 article:

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