Skipper Enright & Vestas 11th Hour Racing in “Trip around the Planet”

Photo by Ainhoa Sanchez/Volvo Ocean Race. 23 October, 2017. Volvo Ocean Race

October 28, 2017:
Fishers Island sends congratulations to Charlie Enright and the Vestas 11th Hour Racing on a fabulous 1st Leg win leading the race into Lisbon, Portugal!

Click the photo to visit the link to see the story and learn how to follow the Volvo Ocean Race around the world!

Vestas 11th Hour Racing Website

Volvo Ocean Race Website

Leg 2 starts November 5. Click this photo to learn more about the race from Lisbon to Cape Town!

October 22, 2017:
Charlie Enright with Vestas 11th Hour Racing started their “Trip around the Planet”. You can watch the start & follow them to Lisbon on the Volvo Ocean Race website!!!

Volvo Race: Vestas-11th Hour Team

Vestas and 11th Hour Racing joined forces to compete in the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race with one simple mission: Achieve exemplary results in sport and be the most sustainable team in the race.

Learn more about the mission:



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